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Road Safety Week in Ottawa focuses on impaired driving, seatbelts, speeding aggressive driving and distracted driving.

How can you make Ottawa roads safer and reduce Ottawa accidents?

Did you know that Road Safety Week is kicking off this week all across Canada ?  Ottawa Police, along with the  Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are steering the national campaign aimed with a goal to make Canada’s roads the absolute safest roads in the world. I’m all for that !

The Road Safety Week program hopes to remind people that traffic enforcement is present to save people’s lives and reduce personal injuries on not only Ottawa roads and Ontario roads, but roads all over Canada. We live in such a great country , not let’s all work at making it safer.

The main focuses of Road Safety Week will be:

impaired driving,

proper use of  seatbelts,


and lastly, drivers who drive aggressively and distracted.

This focus will be perfect as we head into a long weekend that is famous for highway travel and sadly, accidents in Ontario. As a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa, I see far too many accidents in our community and most times they are avoidable . Please, think about your driving and be sure to set a good example for little eyes and ears that may be in the car with you.  It is our job to raise responsible drivers and that starts with leading by example. Have a safe and wonderful Road Safety Week. Let’s keep it up all year !


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