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Steps to follow after an Ontario accident, Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Hollingsworth

Ottawa Injury Lawyer, Ottawa Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth:

If you have been involved in an Ontario accident,  whether or not you immediately feel pain or symptoms of a personal  injury, here are suggestions to follow:

1. First and foremost, remain calm.

2. Call the Ontario police and report the accident.

3. Take pictures of your vehicle, the other other vehicle, the Ontario accident scenes, bruises, cuts and scrapes..

4. Seek medical assistance (even if you feel you are not injured).

5. Consult with an Ontario personal injury lawyer.

6. Do not provide any statements or sign any documents without your Ontario personal injury lawyer  present.

7. When dealing with police officers at the scene, provide those facts that you know to be the truth; do not speculate what you think happened.

Call your insurance company:

1. Do not permit the statement to be recorded. Follow the advice given to you by your Ontario personal injury lawyer.

2. Ensure you are given adequate time to give your statement. Don’t let the insurance company rush you; you may forget something important you feel rushed, you may tend to forget important points.

3. Bring all information with you such as the location of the Ontario accident, time, date, insurance information, and any witnesses.

4. Remember that you can decline to answer any question for any reason. (Obtain your Ontario personal injury lawyer’s  advice if need be)

5. Answer only what you are asked, nothing more. Avoid giving more detail than needed.

6. Do not sign anything without advice from your Ontario personal injury lawyer.

While some of this advice may seem a little bit much, it is important for you to remember that your insurance company may hire a private investigator , and may fight paying you the benefits you need and are entitled to.

Drive safely and  be careful out there on Ontario roads ! Do everything you can to avoid an accident.



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