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What do you think are Ottawa’s worst roads ? CAA wants to know…

Most common roads for Ottawa accidents

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers got together and discussed some of the most common Ottawa accident roads that we see in our personal injury practice.  Interesting enough, Carling avenue was on our list.   May 1st is the official start date of CAA’s – Canadian Automobile Association’s yearly “Worst Roads in Ontario” initiative. This is CAA’s 10th year for the program which aims to promote taking  action on some of the most dangerous and older roads in Ontario.

Last year, Carling Avenue in Ottawa ranked in 7th place as one of Ontario’s worst roads and Riverside Drive was close to it.  So far this initiative is working and  90 %  of the roads that make the top 10 list have been fixed. CAA wants the Ontario government to use  revenue collected from gas taxes to improving road conditions, bridges and highways. Anyone is allowed to vote and you can vote up until the end of the month. Vote at worstroads.ca. Let’s do whatever it takes to make our Ottawa roads better and safer. Cast your vote !

We would love to hear what you think are Ottawa’s worst roads and why? Are they dangerously busy ? Do the roads have potholes? Are the traffic signs well placed and visible? Tell us why? When we get enough responses, our lawyers will collate the information and will post the results and maybe even send them in to the Ministry of Transportation.

After that, we can move on to Ottawa’s most dangerous intersections ! 

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