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Our Ottawa injury lawyers understand, we care, we’re here to help... and our track record proves it.

We will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario.

David Hollingsworth, Injury Law Firm voted Top Choice for 2015 !

Top Choice for Injury Law Firm

For the second year in a row, David Hollingsworth and his personal injury team have been chosen as the Top ChoTop Choice Award Logo - 2015 - Colourice for Injury Law  Firms in Ottawa, Ontario.

Through months of surveying, hundreds of thousands of votes and real ratings based on customer experience, Top Choice has identified the very BEST in your Ottawa and our personal injury team couldnt be more proud or thrilled. This year’s survey was conducted in 13 cities across Canada and gathered answers from over 450,000 participants. The goal was to identify Canada’s brightest and renowned businesses, and they did..US !


We know what it takes to be the best personal injury lawyers..

We know that for close to 20 years now we have devoted oursleves to being the best personal injury lawyers in Ottawa. We are different from other lawyers in that we are involved.  We care about our clients and we care about their future. It’s important for us as personal injury lawyers that we take care of our clients and their families in many different ways: maximum financial compensation is a must, top medical rehabilitation specialists is a must, and being there for our clients to help rebuild their lives following a serious accident is an absolute must.

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers appreciate all the support our clients have given us by nominating us for these awards and for refering us team to their family and friends in need. “We want to thank our clients for nominating us,  taking the time to vote and for making us their top choice. We appreciate that you trust us with some of the most crucial decisions you may ever have to make with your life. This means a lot to us.” David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer.  “We understand, we care and we’re here to help.”
top ottawa injury lawyer

“ Thanks again! Your support is greatly appreciated. I went back on your website and it's true that your firm does understand, care and are there to help. Thanks, I really mean it.”

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