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Auto safety recalls are not to be taken lightly.

Ignoring Auto Safety Recalls – A Growing Concern for Drivers


Over the past six years, auto safety recalls of passenger vehicles have increased by 74 per cent from 133 in 2010 to 232 in 2015*. That’s more than five million vehicles recalls. From airbags inflators to electronic gearshifts and ignition switches these safety issues have the potential to cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

Sadly, many of these auto safety recalls are being overlooked and today, it is an estimated one in six Canadian vehicles is on the road in need of repair and its owner has not responded to the notice. According to Carfax Canada, minivan and SUV owners are the worst for answering recalls and family-oriented vehicles are the most likely to have an unfixed recall.

The problem becomes even more complex given the fact that many of these cars are being sold as used and their new buyers are unaware of the preexisting problem. There is no law in Canada the requires a reseller to investigate or disclose recall information on a car.

Auto safety recalls occurs when a manufacturer violates a federal motor vehicle safety standard or has a defect that otherwise poses an unreasonable risk to safety. When this happens, I recall is sent out to existing owners of the affected vehicles. The onus is on the vehicle owner to follow through with the repair once notified.

There have been a number of big recalls recenlty including: * General Motors recalling 4.3 million vehicles for airbag defect * Toyota recalls 340,000 Prius hybrids over faulty brakes * Takata airbag recall biggest in history at 33.8 million vehicles

If you think that your car, or a used car that you are planning to buy could be under a recall warning, visit the Transport Canada website or visit your local dealership to get the details. Remember, safety recalls are effective for the life of the vehicle and there is no deadline.

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