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Let’s make Ottawa’s roads safer…a quick reminder of some of Ottawa’s cycling safety rules.

A quick review of bicycle safety rules. bicycleaccidentbenefits

Ottawa’s cycling culture continues to grow at a rapid pace. With the introduction of bike new bike lanes, cycling safety education, new safety measures such as Bill 31, Making Ontario’s Roads Safer, Cycling Safety Awareness Program (CSAP)  and a general awareness less, it seems that there are more and more cyclists on Ottawa’s roads and many cycling infrastructure improvements .

Cycling rules in Ottawa

In Ottawa, cyclists are allowed on mixed-use pathways; however cyclists should follow these safety guidelines:

  • Where there is one, always stay on the right of the yellow centre line
  • Pass other cyclists safely
  • Notify other cyclists when you are passing. Use a bell or notify them with your voice.
  • Always drive in control.
  • Make sure you are always well lit.  Ride carefully, especially when it’s dark.
  • Use a bicycle light.

Cycling on the sidewalk is prohibited by the City of Ottawa Traffic and Parking By-law except where it is permitted by official or authorized signs.

Cyclists under 18 must, by law, wear a helmet in Ontario.

Cyclists must have an alarm, bell or horn on their bike.

When cycling at night or in low visibility conditions, you need a white front light and a red rear reflector.

Bicycles must also have 25 cm of white reflective tape on the front forks and 25 cm of red reflective tape on the back forks .

On pathways, always stay under the courtesy limit of 20 km/h.

Cyclists wear a helmet (required if under 18 years old)

Ottawa Police are currently conducting an educational, awareness-building campaign that focuses on the new one-metre rule, which came into effect in Ontario in September 2015.  Drivers are expected to leave at least one metre between themselves and a cyclist, when passing. Failure to do so could result in a fine.

The more drivers and cyclists work together to make our city a safe place to drive and cycle, the better we can make our city.


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