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Looking for a Summer Job in Ottawa ? Make sure your student is safe.

Summer in Job Ottawa . Students Stay Safe on the Job.  

Kids are out of school and many are looking for a summer job in Ottawa and off to work at summer jobs. For many this is the first time they will be formally employed. It is important to learn from the start to make workplace safety a priority. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, in 2009, 35 Canadian workers aged 15 to 24 were fatally injured as a result of a workplace hazard.

No matter where kids find work this summer, they must take the time to know the health and safety rules and to understand the responsibilities of
employee and employer when it comes to avoiding accident and injury on the job. Before even starting to work on any job, every employee should understand that they have the right to refuse unsafe work,. They should know who to contact for health and safety concerns and they should be given basic health and safety training.

Every employer should should ensure a safe summer job in Ottawa work place :
• Ensure that the work site is safe
• Provide training
• Have a health and safety policy and make it accessible to all
• Attend to any reported issues of health and safety in the workplace
• Reporting serious incidents to WSIB
• Keep a first aid kit near every workstation
• Provide personal protective equipment for jobs that need it
The reasonability to maintain a safe workplace is also part of the employee’s
job. Every employee should:
• Knowing the health and safety rules and sticking to them
• Asking question when unsure of the method or equipment
• Reporting any workplace hazards
• Seeking out a supervisor or safety representative immediately when

Summer Job in Ottawa- Know your rights.

Summer jobs are a rite of passage for many young kids in the city, but never at the risk of personal safety. Avoid the risk. Learn the safety rules before you start the job. Be aware of your rights and obligations.

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