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Ottawa cycling accidents and dooring.

How often is “dooring” involved in Ottawa cycling bicycleaccidentbenefitsaccidents?

Our injury lawyers are getting way too many calls about Ottawa cycling accidents . Now that the warm weather has finally arrived , more and more people are out on their bikes. With more and more bicycles out, there are inevitably more accidents. There are many steps one can take to try to stay safe and accident free, while riding on a bicycle. For some bicycle safety tips you can visit previous posts we’ve written here. Today , we wanted to discuss “dooring” . Dooring is sadly a common cause of serious cycling accidents. When a car is parked and a cyclist is passing, often times the driver or passengers in the vehicles simply do not see the approaching cyclist and open their doors.  If a cyclist happens to be passing by at that very moment and there isn’t enough space between the car and the sidewalk, the cyclists can collide head on with the door and be thrown off their bicycle. The result of such collision is that usually the cyclist is thrown to the ground or goes head first over the handlebars and door and lands head first on the road. These types of cycling accidents are very serious and can often result in serious brain injuries and in some cases can be fatal cycling accidents. A “dooring” accident is not to be taken lightly , as they are often some of the worst cycling accidents we see as Ottawa injury lawyers.

What can cyclists do to avoid dooring accidents in Ottawa ?

Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists can all help in reducing dooring accidents. Cyclists can try as best as possible to leave enough room between themselves and the side walk. If there is enough room for a buffer, say the width of a car door, then cyclists stand a much better chance at staying safe and avoiding a dooring accident. It goes without saying that all cyclists should try as much as possible to be visible. this includes wearing brightly coloured clothes and lights. Cyclists can also reduce their chance of an accident by avoiding weaving between cars and staying in a vehicle’s blind spot.

What can motorists do to avoid accidents in Ottawa ?

Motorists play a vital role in reducing dooring accidents in Ottawa. It goes without saying the first step to avoiding a dooring accident would be to take a good long look before opening your door and exiting your vehicle. Section 165 of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act states that you must check for traffic and this includes cyclists. Taking a few extra seconds can go a long way in helping reduce the number of dooring accidents in Ottawa.

Sadly dooring accidents are a very real concern in the Ottawa area. Let’s all do our part to reduce the number of cycling accidents in Ottawa!


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