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Reminder to drivers…if possible remain in your vehicle and wait for road side assistance.

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I just read in the Ottawa Citizen of a terrible accident  that occurred last the weekend .  A young man got out to change his tire on Highway 401 and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.  So many people traveled that highway and many highways this past long weekend and many vehicles likely had trouble on the roads.  This accident could have happened to anyone and serves as a reminder to us all.   CAA offers the following advice on what to do if your car breaks down on a highway:

What you should do if your vehicle breaks down on a highway:

  • Try to take note of where you are and where your vehicle has broken down.  – look for landmarks.
  • Try your best to remember what was happening and describe the problem. The more information you have , the better the chances will be of emergency vehicles arriving prepared to help.
  • Pull off as much as possible on the right shoulder.  Pull off as far off the road as possible while still staying on level ground – if you MUST  get out, stay off the road, and don’t stand behind, or in front of your vehicle.
  • Make yourself visible. Make sure other drivers can see you. Put your hazard lights on, and put out safety cones if you have them. Try to travel with an emergency kit.
  • Once you are safe and highly visible, call for help.
  • Ask about your wait time. You  will need to plan your next move.
  • If possible, stay with your vehicle. It’s best to stay inside with the doors locked.
  • Don’t let your car idle for too long with the windows closed for safety reasons. Make sure your hazard lights are on.
  • When exiting the car, try to exit on the passenger side.

These are just a few useful tips that I thought I would share. Every situation will be different and you may find yourself in a position where you may not be able to follow this advice.  Last weekend’s accident is a tragic accident and it sad that a life was lost trying to do something so simple as trying to change a flat tire.

If you find yourself in trouble and don’t know what to do.  Stay where you are and call 9-1-1.  Emergency responders can walk you through what is the safest method to proceed depending on your location and the extent of the problem. Please be safe out on the roads.

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