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Slip and Fall Accidents on Private Property , Ottawa Lawyer, Personal Injury Ottawa

Slip and Fall Accidents on Private Propertyslipandfallaccident

Hallowe’en has come and gone for another year..and snow is just around the corner and I wanted to share a little information with you, pertaining to slip and fall accidents on private property. A serious personal injury from a slip and fall accident can happen anywhere.  Someone could trip on a hockey stick, skipping rope, leaves, really just about anything. Were you aware that as a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your premises as safe as possible?  For example, if someone has had a slip and fall accident inside your home, be it a friend, neighbour, or anyone outside your family living permanently in the household, they may be entitled to financial compensation for any personal injuries they have suffered. It’s extremely important that owners of private residences have a legal obligation to keep their property reasonably safe for third parties.

Some common examples of slip and fall accidents as a result of homeowner negligence include:

  • A slip and fall accident on ice and snow on a driveway or front entrance
  • A slip and fall accident on wet or slick floors/tiles
  • A slip and fall accident on a slick or wet substance that leaks from another person’s home
  • A trip and fall accident on loose steps, flooring or tiles
  • A trip and fall accident on a lawn or garden

Before the snow hits, try to make the time to clear your laneway, stairs, halls…property and make sure it is clear of obstacles and if possible, well lit.  A quick tidy up of the yard, steps and driveway, could make all the difference and keep all us all safe ! Wouldn’t you rather change a lightbuld or add some lighting to your property than possible run the risk of having someone injured ?  Most slip and fall accidents are avoidable.


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