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Summertime and personal injury

It’s never a good time for a personal injury

Summertime is peak time for personal injuries in Canada with more than 30 per cent of all injuries occurring in the warmer months. * Half of those injuries happen between noon and 6:00 p.m. and the main cause of summer injuries comes from people falling, including falls into water (Statistics Canada). The best way to avoid any accident is attention and prevention.

Prevent a personal injury

In Ottawa, 55 per cent of cyclists report that they don’t always wear a helmet when they ride a bike. * On the water, up to 85 per cent of boating-related deaths could have been prevented by the wearing of a life-jacket or Personal Floatation Device.** It’s not hard to understand why we resist suiting up with protective equipment during the warmer months. Helmets, body gear and life jackets are not terribly comfortable to wear in the heat, but, as we know, they are our best defense against personal injury. No matter the sport, statics prove that helmets and life jackets save lives.

Pay attention and avoid personal injury

Canadian summers drive us to the cottages, lakes and pools to for swimming, boating and so many other water activities. On average, 525 people die each year in water-related incidents with children between the ages of 1 – 4 and young men aged 15 – 34 at the highest risk. ** Many of these accidents could have been prevented. Summer is a welcome time for recreation and get togethers with family and friends. Keeping tabs on small children and toddlers is crucial when they are around water of any kind, from a small backyard kiddie pool to a lake. Accidents happen fast and the best way to keep kids safe it to keep them close. It’s always a good idea for parents of small children to have water safety and first aid training.
While 15 – 34 year olds are mostly responsible for their own safety, 38 per cent of water related fatalities in people over 15 involved alcohol use. Clearly the two do not mix and caution should be taken to ensure that those who are drinking alcohol are in control of their actions and their surroundings.

The best way to prevent injury during the summer months is to always remain aware of the surroundings and to be keep a close eye on the people around you. Insist on use of life saving devices and protective gear all summer long to stay safe and accident free.
* Statistics Canada Community Health Survey
** Canadian Red Cross

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