How much information should you share with your personal injury lawyers ?

How much information should you give your personal injury lawyer?

We often meet with clients who are injured in an accident and don’t know what to do.  Initially we walk through the steps to take in getting a claim started and start getting support at home .  Throughout the first few months following an accident , there are a lot of changes in one’s recovery and health.  It’s important to remember to keep your personal injury lawyer abreast of these changes. If your recovery is not moving along as expected or if you feel your health is in fact declining, it is important to seek proper medical treatments as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the worse it may become.  You are doing yourself any favors by “toughing it out”.   Once you have received proper medical treatment and are taking care of yourself, it is important that you share with your personal injury lawyer any changes in your health and recovery.  If you are referred to a new doctor or a specialist, it is important to keep your personal injury lawyer informed of such referrals.  Your personal injury lawyer will want a copy of all medical reports and any developments in your treatment plan.  The more information your personal injury lawyer has, the better they can prepare your case. In the long run this will help your case, as there will be no surprises. You may think you are bothering your injury lawyer, or they are too busy, or that you will be billed every time you contact them . In most cases, all it takes is a simple email.  Most personal injury lawyers take cases on contingency so you don’t pay anything until your cases is resolved so you need not worry about being charged. Your personal injury lawyer will want to know what you are going through.  The more they know, the more they can help.  In our initial meetings with clients, we try to make this message clear; however, often times down the road we will have clients say things like ” I didn’t want to bother you…”.  Trust me, it would bother us more if we didn’t know !

It’s important that you are honest and open with your doctors, nurses, social workers , health practitioners and injury lawyers.  We all understand that what you are going through is not easy and at times you may wish to remain private.  This is completely understandable and normal; however it is not what’ s best for you.  You need to be as open as possible and accurately describe your pain and symptoms.  The best way to recover is to properly diagnose that needs recovery.  As experienced personal injury lawyers, we are actively involved in your recovery.  We often will attend meetings with your health team and give input on what we think that can in your recovery.  We have helped hundreds of people rebuild their lives following an accident and we can help you.

Contact us at no charge and we can discuss your personal situation and how we can help you and your family.   Leave this to us so that you have the time and energy to focus on your self, your recovery and your family.


Ottawa Police seeking information regarding Ottawa pedestrian accident Walkley and Baycrest in the Heron Gate area.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth

Ottawa’s CFRA radio station reported an Ottawa accident this morning involving a 21-year-old male, who remains in serious condition in an Ottawa hospital. The male was hit by a car in  the area of  Heron Gate area.  Ottawa Paramedics reported that the male  hit the windshield of the car and was thrown close to  20 feet into the intersection of  Walkley  and Baycrest road. He was rushed to a nearby Ottawa hospital and Ottawa Police are investigating the accident.  If you have any information, you are asked to please contact the Ottawa Police at (613) 236-1222. We strongly encourage all Ottawa residents to help our local police. It could be your accident someday and you would want others to help if possible.

If you would like more information related  to driving safety, insurance, accidents  or personal injury law Ontario, please visit our website at  Not all injuries lead to a law suit.  It is important that you be informed and know your rights. There are certain accident benefits that injured people may be entitled to and other benefits you may not be entitled to depending on the extent of your injuries, your insurance company, optional benefits, and many, many other factors. Our lawyers are available to sit down with you and explain to you what your options are and whether or not you have a case . It’s best you get informed first.  Hopefully your injuries fully heal and you recover quickly; however, in the event that they do not, it’s important you approach your new situation correctly.  Throughout the years, we have built an incredible personal injury team who share a common interest in helping people .  Email us at with any  questions you may have and we will provide you with free legal advice. We understand, we care and we’re here to help..and our track record proves it.

Ottawa accident Eagleson and Hazeldean sends man to Ottawa Hospital Trauma Centre with severe injuries.

Injury Lawyers Ottawa David Hollingsworth

Last night, a 65 year old male was rushed to the Ottawa Hospital Trauma Centre in critical condition. He was injured in an accident when his minivan hit  a street cleaning vehicle from behind , on Eagleson Road near Hazeldean. The Ottawa accident occurred close to 9 p.m.

Ottawa rescue crews needed to use  the jaws of life to free the man from his vehicle.  At the accident scene, the man was treated for a collapsed lung and severe injuries to his chest and lower limbs. Ottawa police are investigating the cause of the accident, if you have any information, please contact the Ottawa Police.  I wish this man a full a healthy recovery. He is in excellent hands at the Ottawa Hospital .

Our lawyers help wherever we can and this includes preventing accidents and educating Ontario drivers. For more information, visit .

Winchester accident sends 2 to Ottawa Hospital Trauma Unit with critical head injury, leg injury and fractures.

Winchester Accident

An accident in Winchester Ontario has left 2 men in the Ottawa Hospital Trauma Unit following an early morning accident yesterday morning.  The Winchester accident occurred on County Road 31 when one vehicle is believed to have crossed a centre line and hit another vehicle. Police are investigating why the van may have crossed the line but still have not determined why. Ottawa paramedics were second to arrive at the Winchester accident after they were asked to help the Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Paramedics.

Both drivers of both vehicles were trapped in their vehicles and were eventually freed by the Winchester rescue crews. One man was rushed to the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus with severe trauma including a critical head injury and critical leg injury. The other man was also transported to the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus with several traumatic injuries and multiple fractures and is in serious, but thankfully stable condition.

I wish both men in this accident a full recovery. They have both suffered very severe injuries and will have a long road ahead of them. County Road 31 will be close for Police investigation. If you witnessed this Winchester accident and have any information that may help Ottawa Police, please contact the Police immediately.


We love hearing from our Ottawa injury clients.

Happy with our injury lawyers? Please let us know !

We received another great email today from a client who came to us close to 2 years ago after she had suffered a serious back injury in an accident.  We began working with her and her family soon after her accident and were able to secure them a great settlement that allowed them to continue on with life much more financially comfortable and start rebuilding a life with a serious back injury. Not only do we help secure her financial future, we were able to get her in to see some of Ottawa’s top back specialists. We also helped them set up for the future with a plan that would make sure they were well taken care of.  This client is just one of many clients we help each month. Here is what she had to say.

“I just wanted to say thanks again.  My husband and I sat down last night and for the first time felt like it was finally over and that is thanks to you and your staff.  We really appreciated everything you did for us David and know how hard you worked to get it for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  “

Our success as personal injury lawyers

As Ottawa personal injury lawyers, we are also very thankful that we are in a position to help.  Our success rate speaks for itself and we pride ourselves on how hard we work and how experienced we are. We know how to make a difference for each and every one of our clients.

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are experienced and dedicated accident lawyers specializing in Ontario personal injury, accidents and insurance claims.  Since 1999, we have built one of the top Ottawa personal injury lawyer teams.


Ottawa rollover accident Queensway and Moodie results in severe facial injuries.

Ottawa Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates. A Ottawa accident yesterday afternoon has left a 51-year-old with several severe facial injuries. The Ottawa accident took place on the Queensway’s eastbound off-ramp at Moodie drive when the vehicle hit a light and then rolled over. The driver was alone at the time of the accident and was rushed to a Ottawa hospital in stable condition. Facial injuries can be a life long devastating injury. I wish them a full recovery from this accident.

Ottawa Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates are  Ontario injury lawyers dedicated to helping our clients get all the help, support and compensation after an accident Ontario accident. Visit for more information relating to Ottawa accidents,  insurance claims in Ontario , personal injury or events in our community. Email or call (613) 978-9549

Ottawa Rollover Accident Queensway and Moodie

Slip and fall accident results in $125 000 in compensation for bulging disk.

Ottawa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Compensation for bulging disk

We were pleased to be able to help another Ottawa woman who was recently injured in a slip and fall accident.  A few weeks after her slip and fall accident, she was in severe pain and needed help.  It became apparent that the pain in her lower back was causing her great pain and she would need compensation. We stepped in and took over and had the insurance company pay her $125 000 to compensate her for a bulging disk in her lower back. Our client was very happy with the way was settled without having to go to court.

How to determine the amount of compensation

It is difficult to determine the amount of compensation a certain injury will receive. In fact, it’s not just the injury that determines the compensation amount. The injured occupation, family, dependants, education, recovery, treatments, age, income, etc.. also help determine what amount of compensation will be needed to enjoy a comfortable quality of life moving forward, following the accident.

The role of a personal injury lawyer

We are Ottawa personal injury lawyers who help people like this every day. We know what to do to ensure our clients get maximum compensation for their injuries.  We hire and pay for experts to prepare a detailed analysis of all the costs that your injury is causing and will cause in the future.  These reports are incredibly important when it comes to the future and critical for maximum compensation. We’ve helped thousands and we can help you.

Experienced personal injury lawyers will offer you a free consultation and help you determine what your best course of action is. Maximum compensation for injuries such as a bulging disk can vary , but a top personal injury lawyer should be able to give you some indication in your initial free consultation.

What are you waiting for?

3 injured rushed to Ottawa Trauma Centre after OC Transpo bus accident.

OC Transpo Bus Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Bus Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates…A terrible Ottawa accident occurred last night at around 11:00pm. As a result, a woman was rushed to an Ottawa hospital with a life threatening head injury.  The accident involved a car and an OC Transpo bus. 3 people were in the car at the time of the accident and all 3 suffered serious injuries. A 21 year old woman was found unconscious and needed to be extricated. She was rushed to Ottawa’s  Trauma Centre in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle , along with another and  passenger were also transported to the hospital and were last reported to be in stable condition. My thoughts go out to all 3 accident victims and their families at this very difficult time.

For more Ottawa accident information, contact David Hollingsworth at  or call(613) 978-9549

If you have been injured in an OC Transpo bus accident, you are most likely entitled to Ontario Accident Benefits Insurance Claims. We have helped many people make the best decisions when it came time to starting a personal injury lawsuit following an OC Trasnpo bus accident.

OC Transpo lawsuits

There are many lawsuits involving OC TRanspo accidents. In fact, the City of Ottawa paid out more than $1.4 million in the last three months of 2013 to settle personal injury lawsuits involving motor vehicle collisions involving OC Transpo busses.There are many timelines that need to be adhered to when making a claim against the City of Ottawa and this includes injury claims against OC Transpo. Our personal injury lawyers can help you file all the necessary paperwork in time.

Changes to Accident Benefits in 2011 determined that people can’t get statutory accident benefits if they were injured on public transit if the bus was actually not involved in a collision. Riders who fall and injure themselves when the bus jerks forward, brakes, accelerates or comes to a sudden stop must pursue their injury lawsuits through the courts and that’s where out personal injury lawyers can help.

Hopefully your injuries will heal fully and you may not need to start a lawsuit after your accident. In the event that you do, our personal injury lawyers in Ottawa can help.

Ottawa pedestrian struck Airport Parkway and rushed to Ottawa Hospital Trauma Unit.

Ottawa accident results in head injury

An Ottawa accident has left a man with a serious head injury after he was struck yesterday morning on Ottawa’s  Airport Parkway, close to Hunt Club Road. The man was described as being in his late 20s or possibly early 30s and  was walking along the parkway at the time of the accident ( 7:20 a.m.) He was rushed to the trauma unit of the Ottawa Hospital with life-threatening injuries. I hope to soon be able to report that his condition has improved.

In our personal injury practice we see the potentially life-long implications of a severe head injury.  A brain injury is an invisible injury and yet it is one of the most devastating and life-changing injuries we see in our personal injury clients.  A brain injury can completely alter someone’s personality and leave them in a state where they do not know how to control their anger and emotions. Many people don’t know how to manage themselves and often times their friends and family react the same way.  With a brain injury being an invisible injury, family and friends often think that the injuries are not that serious and that the injured is just “mad” or “unresponsive”; when in actual fact this behaviour is a direct result of a brain injury.

There are many different degrees and levels of a brain injury from mild to traumatic. What’s important to know is that if you or a loved one is suffering from a brain injury there is help and support for you and your family.  Ottawa has tremendous organisations that focus on brain injury awareness and support people with brain injuries.  Ontario Accident Benefits also provide significant benefits to people who have been in an accident in Ontario and have suffered a brain injury. No one needs to suffer with a brain injury. Our personal injury lawyers can help you not only get maximum compensation for your brain injury, but also set you up with the supports and rehabilitation you need. Let us help.


Ottawa accident Prince of Wales and Meadowlands drive results in serious head injury.

Ottawa Accident

An Ottawa accident has left a 74 year old woman at the Ottawa Civic Hospital . She was hit by a car at Prince of Wales Drive and Meadowlands Drive late yesterday afternoon. The unidentified woman was being treated for a serious head injury. She currently remains in serious but thankfully, stable condition. My thoughts are with her and her family at this time and I wish her a full recovery.

Ottawa Head Injury Lawyer

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have a wealth of experience with brain injuries.  Diagnosing a brain injury is the most important step in recovery.  Without a proper diagnosis, a proper treatment plan cannot be established.  Our personal injury lawyers work with our clients’ medical teams to ensure that our clients receive all the supports they need.  We work closely with the top head injury specialists in Ottawa and the medical professionals in the Ottawa area know us as experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers.  We will often meet one on one with our clients rehabilitative teams. A head injury or brain injury can be life altering for not only the injured but their friends  and it’s important that all supports are put in place and a recovery plan is well established. We are here to answer  any questions and act as a legal resource when it comes to head injuries and the law and compensation in Ontario.

If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury in an accident, it’s important you consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer; specifically an injury lawyer who has experience with brain injuries.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are known as a go to resource for head injuries and compensation in the Ottawa area. We are here to offer our support and we are here for you.