Safe driving tips for snowy roads as Ottawa prepares for 15 cm of snow.

Ottawa Weather and Ottawa Accidents

Ottawa Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth and our associates are  warning Ottawa residents- It’s happening again Ottawa ! We are expected to get close to 15 more centimeters of snow tonight which means tomorrow might be a messy drive into work, school or maybe you are just heading to Starbucks! Regardless of where you are going, the roads will likely have enough snow to slow things down and possibly cause accidents here in Ottawa and surrounding areas.  There are steps you can take to help make the roads a little safer.

-Make sure to completely clear your vehicle off. Do not leave snow on the roof that may fall down while en route.

-If you can put your vehicle in 4 wheel drive, do so if you are finding the roads slippery.

-Slow down and leave yourself lots of room to stop. The rule of thumb is at least three car lengths.

-Always apply the brakes gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels seize, ease up on the brake.

-Ensure your lights are on. This will not only give you better vision, it allows others to see you as well .

-Make sure you have plenty of windshield fluid and your windshield is clean.

-Avoid using cruise control when roads are slippery.

-Avoid passing other vehicles if possible.

If your vehicle gets stuck in the snow or ice,

-Do not apply gas and spin the wheels. This will create an even bigger whole for your wheels to sink into.

-Gently turn your wheels from side to side several  times. This will push snow away and give you a better chance at getting out.

-If it is safe to get out, use a shovel to clear snow away from the wheels and the under the car if possible.

-Try putting down something that will give your vehicle traction such as a blanket,  sand, kitty litter, paper, gravel or coarse salt.

I wish you all safe driving tomorrow.  Enjoy the snow..I promise, it won’t be much longer !


Boating Accidents-Water Accidents: Ottawa, Ontario Accident Lawyers

Ottawa Boating Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth- Ottawa, Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers– It looks like it is going to be a gorgeous weekend out there in Ottawa and eastern Ontario. Please remember to ride and boat safely to avoid injury and harm!

A review of water accident statistics, can remind us all just how often aquatic accidents occur each year. In 2008, there were 4,789 accidents recorded on the water involving boats and jet (with personal watercraft accidents totaling at 23% of that figure). Furthermore, there were 45 deaths on jet skis (17 of which were drowning death’s). The best way to avoid these accidents is to prevent them from happening in the first place—and that involves attention to factors such as alcohol and drug use, excessive speeding and careless driving, and general reckless disregard for driving rules and environmental conditions.

Ontario boating or aquatic accidents can be very complicated. Who is at fault? Who was negligent? The injured victim can face a complex process involving trying to figure it out all. I recommend to all accident victims to first and foremost, treat their injuries as soon as possible. Check yourself into a hospital, and make sure you and your family are safe. Second, make sure to report the accident and to obtain an official accident report from qualified authorities regarding the details of the accident, such as what led to the accident, and so on. This is also where the services of a top Ottawa Personal Injury lawyer can be used to ensure that are on your way to full recovery, including not losing out on what you deserve financially and to cover your rehabilitation costs. Remember to save all medical records and other documentation to help your lawyer to measure your damages and argue your case and move your legal forward.

You are injured, you need help. While concentrating on your recovery, you need to seek the help of an Ottawa, Ontario personal injury lawyer. Since 1999, Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth has devoted his practice to representing individuals injured in eastern Ontario accidents, including victims of Ottawa boating accidents and jet ski accidents.

Knowing the facts regarding personal injury is helpful when determining whether or not to hire an Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer.  Personal injury covers physical harm, such as broken bones, bruises, or any serious injury sustained in an accident. It also includes the emotional and psychological injury you experienced as a result of trauma sustained through a humiliating or life-threatening experience.

Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth handles all types of cases where you or a loved one has been injured or even killed due to an accident or the negligence of others. Let Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth help you rebuild your life after your accident. With your well-being and potential financial future at stake, you need one of the best Ottawa, Ontario personal injury lawyers.  Visit for a free consultation.  David takes his cases on a contingency basis, which means he doesn’t get paid until you have been paid.

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