Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth: How to prevent a slip and fall accident.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Good morning Ottawa ! It is cold out there today and very slippery. There is a layer of ice on the ground and its hard to see , as last night’s snow is covering the ground.  This is typically when slip and fall accidents happen. With the holidays here we are all out just a little more, shopping and visiting with others and often we are carrying bags or presents. This, coupled with our weather conditions contribute to a higher incidence of slip and fall accidents.  Slip and fall accidents  in Canada makeup more than 50% of all personal injuries . Slip and falls accidents are the primary cause of accidents in hotels, restaurants and public buildings such as shopping malls.

As a property owner, it’s also important that you keep your property as safe as possible. This means keeping your walkways and steps clear of ice.  Property owners have a “duty of care” to see that their property is reasonably safe.  This not only means ensuring steps and walkways are cleared away in a reasonable manner, it also means  your home doesn’t have structural defects, hazardous conditions have been addressed.

Yes, accidents do happen but many accidents are preventable. There are things you can do to lower your risk of a slip and fall accident such as watching for ice, wearing proper footwear, walking slowly, keeping your hands free in case you do fall.

Common Slip & Fall Injuries include:

slip and fall accident

Our injury lawyers help with:

  • Fractures
  • Back Pain
  • Broken Bones
  • Brain Injury
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Bulging Discs
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Spinal Injuries

Although a slip and fall accident doesn’t seem as serious as a car accident, some injuries are more serious and can leave an individual with a lifetime of pain and a decreased quality of life. Some people suffer such serious injuries from a slip and fall accident, that they are unable to return to work.

Financial compensation for slip and fall accidents

If you have suffered from a slip & fall accident you may be entitled to maximum compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of income and health costs, depending on whether or not you are able to establish negligence.  This is where our Ottawa personal injury lawyers excel. We have helped thousands of people and we can help you with your slip and fall accident and make sure you are well taken care of now and in the future.

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Ottawa Police : Canada Road Safety Week , Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa injury lawyer David Hollingsworth supports Ottawa Police Initiativeottawapolice

As an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer, I applaud and support the efforts made by the Ottawa Police to make our Ottawa streets a safer place….The Police Service will participate in Canada Road Safety Week which runs from May 16  to May 23. In 2010, there were 30 fatal car accidents that resulted  in the deaths of 34 people in the Ottawa community.  Consequently, the Ottawa Police have made traffic safety a high priority through various initiatives.  One program the Ottawa Police have put in place is the  RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) Programs during the evenings of Thursday May 19th and Friday May 20th.  The RIDE Program in Ontario  is led by the police community which runs all year long and involves random police spot checks where vehicles are stopped and drivers are checked for impaired driving.

Police are also actively engaged in Project E.R.A.S.E. (Eliminate Racing Activity on Streets Everywhere) a collaborative effort of 22 police services, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment whose goal is to change poor driver behavior through education and strategic enforcement.  Sadly, since 1999 48 people have been killed in Ontario as a result of street racing activities . In addition, excessive speed continues to be the leading contributing factor in fatal car accidents.

Ottawa Police focus on Canada’s Road Safety Week

During Canada’s Road Safety Week, Ottawa police will focus on 4 issues:

  • Drinking and driving.
  •  Seat belts and child restraints.
  • Aggressive driving, driving at unsafe speeds, following too closely or running red lights and stop signs.
  • Distracted Driving

As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer and along with the Ottawa Police, encourage everyone on our roadways to work towards making our Ottawa roads and Ontario roads the safest in the world. Let’s do it Ottawa !


Ottawa Cycling Safety, Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa bicycle accident lawyer David Hollingsworth on bicycle safety.bicycle accident lawyer

The weather is still okay and many are out and about with their bicycles on our roads here in Ottawa.  Sadly, Ottawa cycling accidents continue to occur and people are injured everyday day in our communities. There has been talk for years regarding the implementation of a “safe cycling educational” campaign or program here in Ottawa, but I think that we need to make progress more quickly. Consider the tragedies:

Ottawa Bicycle Accident

Just consider the serious injuries and deaths in the last little while here in Ottawa. This month, a 71-year-old cyclist fought for his life in hospital secondary to a collision with an automobile on Hawthorne Road. Alex Hayes, another tragic story, an innocent high school student,  killed by a vehicle while riding his bicycle. . Another tragedy involved a 48-year-old cyclist, killed due to head and neck injuries on Somerset St at night. John Barton, 53, another cyclist killed recently while on the road. And finally, 16-year-old Robin Freeman killed while cyclist after contact with a motorcycle (both motorcyclist and Freeman were killed).

Bicycle  safety

There are steps you can take to protect you and your loved ones from injury and death while bicycling. Overall, if you decide to cycle, make it a lifestyle decision. This means opening your mind to the requirements of bicycle culture and bicycle safety. Avoiding collisions with vehicles is never a guarantee, but you can take certain steps to reduce your chance of injury. For example, using a bicycle or helmet headlight, wearing protective and reflective clothing, and enhancing your bicycle can make you more visible. Buying a horn can give you the attention you need when you need it. Slow down and paying attention to your surroundings is key. Choosing wide, slower streets, and on weekends, back streets because they can be safer on Saturday and Sundays, for example, because of the increase in drunk vehicle traffic on main streets. You can’t control other people’s driving but please do everything you can to protect yourself.  Thanks for reading everyone, and please ride safely!


Ottawa lawyer shares tips to avoid slip and fall accident and injuries.

Ottawa based injury lawyer David Hollingsworth, shares his recommendations for the winter and Slip and Fall Injuries.

A slip and fall accident can happen anytime, any season. We had such an incredibly warm gorgeous day today. Unfortunately they are calling for a flash freeze tonight in Ottawa.  With all the snow that melted today, we will surely be seeing more ice tomorrow.  I posted this post over a year ago and thought Id share it again… Please ensure to watch your step out there tomorrow ! Many often forget to fully consider the potential for personal injury and the associated ramifications of pain and suffering. Even a minor slip can lead you to much stress and tension on you and your loved ones. A slip and fall injury can result in massive medical bills, loss of work, lost wages and more. If a slip and fall injury happens to you, an Ottawa personal injury lawyer can explain to you what your rights are and make sure your interests are protected.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from a slip and fall accident :family

I deal with a tremendous number and variety of slip and fall accidents on a regular basis each year. Such slip and fall injuries can happen at any time of the year, and in any location or setting. However, there are certain conditions that render the possibility of injury more likely, so please on to learn how to protect you and your family from the prospect of injury, and to learn what to do in the event that you are injured by a slip and fall injury.

There are certain circumstances where the city of Ottawa may be responsible for your slip and fall accident. For example, imagine you are walking down the street at night. As you try to cross the street, you approach an open man-hole (the city has neglected to put the cover back after working on the sewer system earlier in the evening). Naturally given the lack of light, you do not see the open manhole and fall right through, experiencing broken bones, fractures, and lacerations. Perhaps your personal injuries are more psychological in nature.

Who is Responsible in a slip and fall accident?

The city of Ottawa would be responsible (through the action of one of it’s employees) for their negligence and your injuries. There are many other instances where slip and fall injuries could occur, such as (1) flooring/carpeting in poor repair (2) parking lot surfaces in poor repair (3) ice and snow buildup (4) elevators/escalators/stairways (5) areas with poor lighting, (6) and so on.

 Compensation for slip and fall accidents :

Depending on the circumstances of injury, your recovery could include compensation to help with stress and tension, medical bills, lost wages, and so on. A good Ottawa personal injury lawyer can give you an idea of what you may be entitled to. Business and property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that people on their establishment or property are safe and not at risk of suffering an injury. If an accident has happened to you, it may be due to the negligence of a property owner who has failed to act according to their due diligence responsibilities to keep you and your family and loved ones safe.

If your slip and fall accident happened in the Ottawa or the Eastern Ontario area because a property owner failed to keep you safe, David Hollingsworth, experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyers can help you recover the costs of your medical bills, lost wages, and awards for pain and suffering. With his knowledge and extensive experience, he is the Ottawa personal injury lawyer that can help get the maximum possible awards for slip and fall injury victims and help them recover as best as possible.
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Slip and Fall Accidents on Private Property , Ottawa Lawyer, Personal Injury Ottawa

Slip and Fall Accidents on Private Propertyslipandfallaccident

Hallowe’en has come and gone for another year..and snow is just around the corner and I wanted to share a little information with you, pertaining to slip and fall accidents on private property. A serious personal injury from a slip and fall accident can happen anywhere.  Someone could trip on a hockey stick, skipping rope, leaves, really just about anything. Were you aware that as a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your premises as safe as possible?  For example, if someone has had a slip and fall accident inside your home, be it a friend, neighbour, or anyone outside your family living permanently in the household, they may be entitled to financial compensation for any personal injuries they have suffered. It’s extremely important that owners of private residences have a legal obligation to keep their property reasonably safe for third parties.

Some common examples of slip and fall accidents as a result of homeowner negligence include:

  • A slip and fall accident on ice and snow on a driveway or front entrance
  • A slip and fall accident on wet or slick floors/tiles
  • A slip and fall accident on a slick or wet substance that leaks from another person’s home
  • A trip and fall accident on loose steps, flooring or tiles
  • A trip and fall accident on a lawn or garden

Before the snow hits, try to make the time to clear your laneway, stairs, halls…property and make sure it is clear of obstacles and if possible, well lit.  A quick tidy up of the yard, steps and driveway, could make all the difference and keep all us all safe ! Wouldn’t you rather change a lightbuld or add some lighting to your property than possible run the risk of having someone injured ?  Most slip and fall accidents are avoidable.


What do after an Ontario Car Accident, Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth

What to Do After A Car Accident in Ontarioaccident checklist

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, it’s important that you take care of the right things, right away. Our personal injury lawyers have prepared a brief list of some of the very first things you can do to ensure a speedier recovery and maximum compensation for your injuries.


Immediate steps to follow after a car accident

Get medical care promptly.  Don’t diagnose yourself, let trained medical professionals diagnose your injuries.

Inform the police of the accident and record the attending officer’s name and badge number and ask for a copy of the police report. Tell the police only what you know, do not speculate and stick to the facts.

Record the names of other drivers involved in the accident, any witnesses and all those directly or indirectly involved in the accident;

Write down as many notes as you can about the accident. Take pictures with your phone/camera if you can

Contact your family doctor;

Consider meeting with a personal injury lawyer before you give a statement to your insurance company

Contact your insurance company within 7 days and request accident benefit forms

File your completed accident benefits application within 30 days;

Report your personal injury to your employer or school;

Check for health and injury coverage provided through your employer, health and benefit carrier, credit card company or any other source;

Record the names of all attending healthcare professionals;

Keep all receipts for related expenses, items lost or broken in the accident- including those incurred by family members helping the accident victim;

Keep a detailed record of all your health problems and do not minimize your ailments or pain; and

Keep family close by and meet with your trusted team of healthcare providers.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Do not sign anything related to your accident until you have discussed it with an  experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact us at