Ottawa injury lawyer happy to be sponsoring Ottawa Brain Injury Awareness Day

Sixth Annual Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Brain Injury Awareness Day

Our personal injury lawyers are pleased to once again share that we are again sponsoring this wonderful event aimed at raising awareness, support and funds for people with a brain injury and their families . For the past six years, Vista Centre has organised this event and invited survivors, family members, health care professionals, educators, lawyers and all anyone involved in preventing brain injuries.

Ottawa Brain Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers are not only sponsoring this event , we will be available throughout the day to answer any questions regarding brain injuries and legal rights.  Thousands of Canadians injure themselves and suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year . Typically, there are more younger adults than older adults who suffer brain injuries.  This means many people with a brain injury have a long life ahead of them; however it is a life that will require support.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are able to help offer this support. When we meet with someone who has been injured in an accident and is suffering from a brain injury, the first thing we do is put as many supports in place to properly diagnose and fully understand the extent of the brain injury. While our clients are focussing on their recovery, we implement a plan for the future.  We understand and have experience with what is required.  We hire our own medical experts to develop a life expectancy plan, we hire professionals to prepare reports to determine what amount of income will be lost throughout the course of an individual’s life time due to their brain injury and we make sure we are thorough in seeking maximum compensation for a brain injury.  Part of the recovery process will be to access programs such as the Ottawa Brain Injury Awareness Day.

When it comes to helping people who are suffering from a brain injury, we are there.  WE understand the complexity of a brain injury and its effects on the individual and their family and friends.  A brain injury is an “invisible injury” with very visible effects.  If you or a loved one is suffering from a brain injury , I urge you to visit the Brain Injury Association of Canada’s website as well as the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley’s website .  If you need us for free legal advice, we are here for you. Let our Ottawa personal injury lawyers help you with your brain injury .

Ottawa Brain Injury Awareness Day

Ottawa Brain Injury Awareness Day

David Hollingsworth, Ottawa injury lawyers proud to be sponsoring the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley’s fundraising dinner. Tickets still available.

As Ottawa personal injury lawyers, we are proud to again be supporting and sponsoring the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley’s Seventh Annual Fundraising Benefit Dinner tomorrow.

Each year, the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley offers education, information, hope and support to people with brain injuries, family members, friends, caregivers and professionals in the Ottawa Valley area. The fundraising dinner tomorrow night hopes to raise much-needed funds to provide education, information, support and advocacy with a mission of advocating dignity, respect, inclusion and understanding for all.

David Hollingsworth and the personal injury lawyers working with him have been supporting the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley for years and are proud to be involved with such a fantastic non-profit organisation. 95% of the funds raised at tomorrow night’s event will go towards supporting programs such as the Peer Mentoring Program, Peer Support Program, Family Support Group, Drop-Ins, Brain Basics Training Sessions and the Step Up Work Centre to name a few.

There is still time to donate and tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s fundraising dinner.   Living with a brain injury is not easy and it is difficult for not only the injured, but their friends and family as well.  There is a tremendous need for support for this community .  A brain injury is life-altering. 

I know we are all be asked to support various organisations and their are tremendous needs in the Ottawa community ; however, please consider supporting this very valuable organisation.

Every little bit helps to provide hope and funding for much needed supports and programs that could help an individual or a family get back on their feet again.  We are proud to be involved with the Brain Injury Association and we sincerely hope you will consider joining us and make a difference in the lives of other.

Ottawa lawyer supporting City of Ottawa June 2012 Brain Injury Awareness Month

City of Ottawa declares June 2012 Brain Injury Awareness Month

As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I am so pleased that our wonderful city has chosen June as Brain Injury Awareness Month.  With more bicycles, motorcycles, sports, rollerblades, skateboards out during the summer months, the need for brain injury awareness is paramount.  I fully support this initiative.  I have so many clients suffering from a brian injury and it is heartbreaking.  A brain injury is an invisible condition affecting  adults and children. A brain injury is usually not recognizable and results in daily frustrations for not only the person suffering from a brain injury, but also their family and friends. 

I totally believe that the Ottawa community needs to become informed about the risks of a brain injury, what to look for and the strategies for preventing a brain injury.

The daily challenges faced by someone with a  brain injury and their families are often uncomprehensible unless you are in their shoes.  They struugle daily to do some of the most basic life tasks, that they could once do easily. 

As a community supporting those suffering from a brain injury, we need to help by sharing information, knowledge and inspiration to help improve the quality of life of brain injury victims and their families.

We have some valuable Ottawa brain injury resources such as:

Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley, The Brain Injury Association of Canada, the Vista Centre, Pathways to Independence, the Acquired Brain Injury program at the Ottawa hospital, the Ontario Brain Injury Association to name but a few….

June 2012 as Brain Injury Awareness Month in Ottawa.

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