Ontario Injury Lawyer :Do you think speed limits should change on Highway 416? Highway 417? Highway 401 ?

Ontario Injury Lawyer, Ontario Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth www.ottawainjury.ca There has been talk of possibly raising the speed limit an all of Ontario’s 400-series highways. The push is to raise the maximum speed on highways such as Highway 416 , Highway 417 and Highway 401.  The proposed speed limit would be increased to 120 or 130 kilometres an hour.  The argument proposed is that 100 km/h is one of the lowest speed limits around the world for highways. Ontario’s Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli indicated that  speed is a factor in 20 %  of all fatal Ontario car accidents and that consequently Ontario would not be increasing the speed limit on Ontario’s highways. Chiarelli also noted that Ontario has some of the safest highways in North America and that the Ontario government intended to maintain that record by keeping current speed limits.

I support any actions that reduce car accidents and personal injury. If maintaining a lower speed limit will result in fewer Ontario accidents, then why would we not keep speed limits lower ? Some Ontario drivers would argue that drivers are already abusing the speed limit and driving 120km/hr anyways, so why keep Ontario police busy issuing speeding tickets? If Ontario police weren’t issuing tickets to drivers breaking the 100 km/hr speed limit, they could focus on other distracted and dangerous drivers. What do you think?

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