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The last thing in the world we want to have happen is see our children suffer a personal injury.  What would be even worse would be if it was avoidable. Even worse to that would if it was something we, ourselves as parents didn’t do to keep them safe. I came across some of this information a while ago in a related law blog written by James Dodson and haven’t stopped thinking about it..

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It may be valentine’s day but what better way to show your family you love them then by keeping them safe.  If you have a flat screen TV and have been putting off securing it …stop what you are doing and  do it today-yes, right now !!  The Journal of Clinical Pediatrics published very disturbing personal injury statistics as it relates to child personal injury. The increase in child personal injury is directly related to an increase in the number of   homes  with flat panel tvs and homeowners’ eagerness to get watching  tv as soon as it is hooked up, which usually interferes with properly securing the tv and an avoidance of a child personal injury. Here are some of the astonishing child personal injury statistics I came across…

  • Child personal injury rates are up by 41% since 1990
  • 75% of child personal injury are under 6 years of age
  • 17,000 children were treated for child personal injury in emergency rooms in 2007  related to falling or unstable furniture (most for head injury  and neck injury)
  • Falling TVs accounted for almost half of these child personal injury
  • these child personal injury accidents occurred from failure to secure TVs to a console

To avoid a child personal injury, check your flat panel tv for instructions on how to secure them or visit the website. Young children are not aware of the dangers of climbing on furniture, or the risk of  a child personal injury. The narrow bases that hold these tvs make them very top heavy and unfortunately unstable and unsafe.

I know that here, tonight before I cheer on my beloved Ottawa Senators, I will be checking our tvs to make sure that we are doing our best to avoid child personal injury.  Let’s keep our kids safe Ottawa !

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Accidents Lawyer

If your child has suffered a personal injury due to an accident, you may be entitled to certain accident benefits that you may not be aware of such as housekeeping, caregiver allowance, non earners benefit, attendant care, medical and rehabilitation cost and much more.  For more information as it relates to child personal injury, visit , email or  call 613 978-9549 for free consultations.  David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer offers free home visits .