Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Client Reviews

How important is the job of an Ottawa personal injury lawyer ?

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are proud of how we help others.  We know how important our job is .  We help change lives for the better.  When we meet with someone, we listen and we put a plan  in place.  No two plans seem to be identical, as each individual and accident is somewhat unique. What’s important is that we tailor a plan specific for what our clients need.  In most cases, the very first thing needed is support.  Usually this involves us setting our clients up with a team of specialists who can diagnose needs and provide our personal injury clients with much-needed support.  We work closely with top specialists such as  psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, surgeons, physiatrists, physiotherapists, psychologists,  therapists and rehabilitation teams.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers ensure that we are helping in every way we can.  What’s most important is our clients’ recovery and ensuring that moving forward they are properly compensated for their injuries.

We are more than just lawyers

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are more than just lawyers.  We understand the tough times our clients are facing and we strive to ease the pain and financial burden as much as possible.  Our clients treat as like family.  Throughout a typical personal injury lawsuit, people get to know their lawyers very well, as there are many meetings, texts, emails and phone calls.  These relationships are important to us and always help us determine what is best for our clients.  When you are injured, it is important that you have a strong advocate.  We advocate for our clients, well beyond a personal injury case.

Listen to what our clients say about our Ottawa personal injury lawyers

Here are some of the things we’ve heard lately from our personal injury clients:

“I would like to say thank you ! You have an incredible team of professionals working along your side who provided help, support and advise when I needed it the most”.              CC

” Thanks again ! Your support is greatly appreciated…..We had a great talk which was very helpful and I think I have you to thank ….They’ve been unbelievably caring and kind”     RL

” Thank you very much for advocating on my behalf…I have come to appreciate the amazing work you and your colleagues do to help people during a very vulnerable time in their lives”.      GC

We’ve helped them and our Ottawa personal injury lawyers can help you and your family. Contact us for a free consultation.



Ontario injury lawyer: What does an Ottawa personal injury lawyer do ?

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth…What does an Ottawa personal injury lawyer do?

Ottawa personal injury lawyers help Ontario accident victims and their families get the help, support and compensation they need following an accident in Ontario. An Ottawa personal injury lawyer not only represents and negotiates for you when it comes to your insurance claim, they also help in rebuilding lives after an Ontario accident. The best Ottawa personal injury lawyers work closely doctors, social worker and the entire rehabilitative team to ensure that accident victims have the best possible recovery. An Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help refer accident victims to specialists and help locate resources in the community.

As an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer, I specialize in the following areas:

Ontario Spinal Cord Injury, Ontario Brain Injury, Ontario Amputation Injury, Ontario Head Injury, Ontario Whiplash Injury, Ontario Slip and Fall Accidents, Ontario Wrongful Death Accidents, Ontario Accident Benefits Insurance Claims, Ontario Orthopedic Injury, Ontario Broken Bones Accidents, Ontario Catastrophic Injury, and Ontario Traumatic Injury.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Ontario car accident, there is help and support available to you.  You do not have to do this on your own. Contact an Ottawa personal injury lawyer for help.