Ottawa pedestrian accident Vanier Parkway and Coventry results in head injury, shoulder injury and leg injury.

Pedestrian Accident in Vanier

Regrettably,  an Ottawa pedestrian was struck by a car late yesterday afternoon on the Vanier Parkway, close to Coventry. A 56 year old man suffered serious personal injuries including a head injury, shoulder injury and leg injury and was rushed to Ottawa’s trauma centre where he remains in serious but thankfully stable condition. I wish him a full recovery and hope his injuries are not life-altering. Ottawa Police are investigating the Ottawa accident.

Many pedestrian accidents result in serious head injuries among other things. These injuries tend to require a lot of support and a lot of compensation. Thankfully there are many valuable resources available for people in the Ottawa area who have suffered a brain injury.

Brain Injury Resources in Ottawa

The Brain Injury Association of Ottawa Valley

The Brain Injury Association of Canada

The Ottawa Hospital Aquired Brain Injury Program

The Vista Centre

Pathways to Independence

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Ottawa-Carleton Rehabilitation

These are just some of the Ottawa brain injury resources available and there are many more. Living with a brain injury is not easy.  Our personal injury lawyers understand how difficult life can be with a brain injury for not only the person with the injury but also their family and friends.

We have others and we can help you.


Ottawa lawyer supporting City of Ottawa June 2012 Brain Injury Awareness Month

City of Ottawa declares June 2012 Brain Injury Awareness Month

As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I am so pleased that our wonderful city has chosen June as Brain Injury Awareness Month.  With more bicycles, motorcycles, sports, rollerblades, skateboards out during the summer months, the need for brain injury awareness is paramount.  I fully support this initiative.  I have so many clients suffering from a brian injury and it is heartbreaking.  A brain injury is an invisible condition affecting  adults and children. A brain injury is usually not recognizable and results in daily frustrations for not only the person suffering from a brain injury, but also their family and friends. 

I totally believe that the Ottawa community needs to become informed about the risks of a brain injury, what to look for and the strategies for preventing a brain injury.

The daily challenges faced by someone with a  brain injury and their families are often uncomprehensible unless you are in their shoes.  They struugle daily to do some of the most basic life tasks, that they could once do easily. 

As a community supporting those suffering from a brain injury, we need to help by sharing information, knowledge and inspiration to help improve the quality of life of brain injury victims and their families.

We have some valuable Ottawa brain injury resources such as:

Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley, The Brain Injury Association of Canada, the Vista Centre, Pathways to Independence, the Acquired Brain Injury program at the Ottawa hospital, the Ontario Brain Injury Association to name but a few….

June 2012 as Brain Injury Awareness Month in Ottawa.

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