Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Client Reviews

How important is the job of an Ottawa personal injury lawyer ?

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are proud of how we help others.  We know how important our job is .  We help change lives for the better.  When we meet with someone, we listen and we put a plan  in place.  No two plans seem to be identical, as each individual and accident is somewhat unique. What’s important is that we tailor a plan specific for what our clients need.  In most cases, the very first thing needed is support.  Usually this involves us setting our clients up with a team of specialists who can diagnose needs and provide our personal injury clients with much-needed support.  We work closely with top specialists such as  psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, surgeons, physiatrists, physiotherapists, psychologists,  therapists and rehabilitation teams.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers ensure that we are helping in every way we can.  What’s most important is our clients’ recovery and ensuring that moving forward they are properly compensated for their injuries.

We are more than just lawyers

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are more than just lawyers.  We understand the tough times our clients are facing and we strive to ease the pain and financial burden as much as possible.  Our clients treat as like family.  Throughout a typical personal injury lawsuit, people get to know their lawyers very well, as there are many meetings, texts, emails and phone calls.  These relationships are important to us and always help us determine what is best for our clients.  When you are injured, it is important that you have a strong advocate.  We advocate for our clients, well beyond a personal injury case.

Listen to what our clients say about our Ottawa personal injury lawyers

Here are some of the things we’ve heard lately from our personal injury clients:

“I would like to say thank you ! You have an incredible team of professionals working along your side who provided help, support and advise when I needed it the most”.              CC

” Thanks again ! Your support is greatly appreciated…..We had a great talk which was very helpful and I think I have you to thank ….They’ve been unbelievably caring and kind”     RL

” Thank you very much for advocating on my behalf…I have come to appreciate the amazing work you and your colleagues do to help people during a very vulnerable time in their lives”.      GC

We’ve helped them and our Ottawa personal injury lawyers can help you and your family. Contact us for a free consultation.



Vanier pedestrian accident Beechwood results in serious leg injuries.

Vanier Pedestrian Accident

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth.

Sadly, a 54 year old woman is in serious condition after an Ottawa accident in Vanier on Tuesday morning. Ottawa Paramedics responded to the accident scene on Marier Avenue, close to Beechwood Avenue. The accident victim was on foot and was trapped under the vehicle. She suffered serious personal injury to her legs. I wish her a full recovery.

Because pedestrians are not protected by a strong frame such as a vehicle or the safety of a seat belt, most pedestrian accidents result in serious injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, spinal injuries and sometimes death. Often times , the injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident result in permanent catastrophic injuries, and are life-altering, for not only the person injured, but their family as well.

Compensation for pedestrian accidents

In most cases, pedestrians are entitled to compensation through the driver’s accident benefits insurance company. These benefits typically include are , rehabilitation expenses, medical expenses, treatments and compensation for pain and suffering.

Experienced accident lawyers know how to help.   You need to focus on your healing and leave the rest to our personal injury lawyers. We can start by commencing an action on your behalf by notifying the insurance company of your intention to make a personal injury claim.  We will then order the police reports, required reports  and accident benefit forms, fill them out and submit your OCF forms within the prescribed timelines. It’s our job to help you in every way we can so you can focus on healing. We will ensure you are being treated fairly by the insurance company and that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and are able to rebuild your life comfortably after your accident.