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Who pays for Ontario accident benefits insurance compensation?

Since Ontario has no-fault insurance, it can be confusing and sometimes difficult to understand who exactly pays for insurance compensation.  Does it come directly from the driver’s pocket? The other driver’s pocket? Your own insurance company? The other driver’s insurance company? Regardless of who is at fault, if you are seriously injured, you are entitled to certain Ontario accident benefits from your own car insurance company or from the car insurance company of another vehicle involved in the accident, no matter who is at fault. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, Ontario accident benefits compensation can come from any of the following.

  1. your insurance company
  2. the insurance company of the vehicle that you were travelling in as a  passenger
  3. the insurance  company of the any vehicles involved in the accident .
  4. if uninsured, the MVAC:  Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund . This is a fund established by the Government of Ontario to help compensate people who need help but have no insurance at the time of their accident.

How an Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help you with your insurance claim.

Experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyers will be able to help you fill out your Ontario accident benefit forms and help you determine your best course of action. It is always advisable to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer and get a free consultation.  We meet daily with people who have been in accident sand need help.  One of the many services we offer is that we will fill your Ontario accident benefits forms for you.  It’s important that these forms are filled out correctly and in a timely manner.  Failure to do so can affect the amount of compensation you receive and the length of time it may take to receive your compensation.  The Ontario accident benefits insurance process can be complicated. Let us help you.  You have been through enough.



Applying for an Ontario Accident Benefits Package Forms ? Here is what you need to know.

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If you have been in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario and you have suffered personal injury, you will likely need to apply for Ontario accident benefits from your own insurance company, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.  Obtaining the forms is simple, simply visit the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website and  download the forms. Filling out the forms properly is critical to your personal injury claim. It is always best that you get an experienced personal injury lawyer to fill out the forms for you to ensure that no loop holes are missed and that you get the maximum in compensation for your injuries.  We fill out all the Ontario accident benefit forms for our clients. There is no charge for doing this, it’s simply a way to protect you and make sure that you get everything you are entitled to. The main  forms in the Ontario accident benefits package:

1. Application for Accident Benefits (OCF-1)

This Application for Accident Benefits form must be completed and returned within 30 days of  receiving the accident benefits package. If you are unable to return your accident benefits forms within 30 days, submit your forms late to your insurance company and provide  anyway and ea detailed explanation as to why the forms are late. Your Ontario personal injury lawyer can also do this for you on your behalf. It is always recommended that you let your personal injury lawyer represent you and deal directly with your insurance company. Always keep a copy for your records.

2. Employer’s Confirmation of Income (OCF-2)

This accident benefit form needs to be filled out  only if you are claiming Income Replacement Benefits. This means you were employed for at least 26 weeks in the year prior to your  accident and you are unable to return to work for more than a week following your  accident.

3. Disability Certificate (OCF-3)

This accident benefit form must be completed by you and your treating physicians or other health practitioner (chiropractors, dentists, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, optometrists, physicians,  speech language pathologists or psychologists).

4.Permission to Disclose Health Information (OCF-5)

This accident benefit form gives your insurance company full access to your  medical records. Please do not fill out this form unless the adjuster handling your claim specifically requests it. Please also consider allowing your personal injury lawyer to fill out this form on your behalf. If your personal injury lawyer is representing you, they can ask your insurance adjuster which medical records are required and why.

5. Pre-approved Framework Treatment Confirmation Form (OCF-23)

This accident benefits form only needs to be filled out if your injuries fall into certain categories and you insurance company requests it.

The OCF-23 Treatment Confirmation form is to be used to notify an insurer that the health care facility (HCF) intends to
treat an injured patient in the Pre-Approved Framework (if the accident date is prior to September 1, 2010) or in the Minor
Injury Guideline . The OCF-23 Treatment Confirmation form is  used to notify an insurer that the health care facility (HCF) intends to treat an injured patient in the Pre-Approved Framework (if the accident date is prior to September 1, 2010) or in the Minor Injury Guideline (for accident dates on or after September 1, 2010). If in doubt, ask your Ontario personal injury lawyer if this form applies to you.

6. Election of Income Replacement, Non-Earner, or Caregiver Benefit (OCF-10)

In most cases, you will be entitled to Income Replacement Benefit, Non-Earner Benefit and/or the Caregiver Benefit ; you can only receive one of these accident benefits. You must elect which accident benefit you wish to receive. Your personal injury lawyer will know which is the best choice for you and which accident benefit offers you maximum compensation. Let your personal injury lawyer address this with the insurance company on your behalf. This accident benefit form must also be returned  no later than 30 days from the day you receive your accident benefits package. Always make a copy for your own records.

7. Application for Expenses (OCF-6)

This Ontario accident benefits form is used to submit expenses such as medication; physiotherapy, massage or other treatment approved by the insurer; babysitting; attendant care; housekeeping or home maintenance; transportation; destroyed clothing or glasses, etc. Original receipts for any claimed expenses must be submitted with this form.  It is critical that you keep all receipts. In fact, I suggest you keep a “journal” of all related expenses sop that when it comes time to being compensated, nothing gets missed.

8. Activities of Normal Life (OCF-12)

If you are eligible for housekeeping, attendant care or non-earner benefits, this accident benefits form must be completed. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to explain to you whether or not you are eligible.

9. Declaration of Post-Accident Income and Benefits (OCF-13)

This accident benefit form is to be used if you are unable to work at your regular job or regular hours, but are able to partially work to some extent or get disability benefits from your work. This form can be used by your insurance company to calculate the amount of your Income Replacement Benefits. We understand that being in an accident is very stressful. Unfortunately the insurance process afterwards can also be very stressful. We as personal injury lawyers remove this stress from our clients. We fill out, submit all Ontario accident benefits forms for our clients and make sure they are done right. The reality is that one small mistake can result in the loss of thousands of dollars and we don’t want that happening to anyone. Let us help you… For more information, visit

Ontario insurance accident benefits claims: Can a relative make a claim on my insurance?

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Is everyone entitled to an insurance claim?

Yes, any person injured in an automobile accident in Ontario can make an insurance claim. This includes claim their relatives and/or dependents.

Are there any restrictions on making an insurance claim in Ontario?

There are some limitations to their insurance claim if one has broken the law during the accident in Ontario. If this is the case, they cannot receive income replacement benefits, visitors expenses, non-earner benefits, lost education expenses, expenses of visitors and the housekeeping and home maintenance benefits.

What happens if the injured does not have insurance ?

The person injured may claim these benefits from their own insurance company. If they do not have an insurance company, they can claim it at the driver at-fault’s insurance company. If none of the persons involved have insurance, the claim can be made through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

Who can help me with my insurance claim?

Regardless if you have been at fault or not or have insurance or not, we can help you. There are options. We understand the stress you are going through and can help. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have been helping people with their insurance claims since 1999.

Contact one of our Ottawa lawyers for a free consultation and help with your Ontario accident benefits insurance claim.



Ottawa personal injury lawyers get 64 year old woman compensation for chronic pain and psychological issues

Maximum compensation for pain and suffering in Ontario…

Compensation for Chronic Pain Injury

As Ottawa personal injury lawyers, we were very pleased to have been able to help another Ottawa accident victim get the help and compensation she needed following a serious accident.

Accident Scenario:

“BH” was 64 years old at the time of her accident. She was rear ended by another car and didn’t see it coming. The result was drastic.

Injuries Resulting From Accident:

BH suffered very serious and permanent injuries including chronic pain and psychological injuries. Her life had changed drastically.

Compensation For Chronic Pain Injuries and Psychological Injuries:

BH’s tort claim alone settled out of court for $285 000. The Ontario Accident Benefits side of her file is ongoing and she continues to receive all the accident benefits she needs each month . We are so pleased to be able to help her throughout these very difficult days in her life.

Our Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You:

Our lawyers were very successful in  securing maximum compensation for pain and suffering, despite these injuries being difficult to prove.  We have many systems in place and work with some of Ottawa’s top medical professionals for pain and suffering. We are able to help our clients seek medical treatments and appointments with specialists that they really need to recover. We understand that accidents can be life altering and can sometimes bring on a lifetime of pain and suffering.  Our personal injury lawyers will work with you , your family and your medical team to make sure you are not only getting maximum compensation for pain and suffering, but the support you need to start rebuilding your life.

We are Ottawa personal injury lawyers who devote ourselves to helping Ontario accident victims.  Unfortunately insurance companies won’t always be the ones to tell you your rights and what you are entitled to and that’s where we can come in. We are some of Ottawa’s top Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers . We know exactly what you are entitled to and we will get it for you.  The last thing one needs after an accident is to be worried about dealing with an insurance company that may be looking out for their own interests.

For more information that relates to chronic pain compensation or compensation for psychological injuries visit our website. Our Personal Injury Lawyer Ottawa team are experienced and can offer you free advice.

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Ontario Accident Benefits Forms Disability Certificate OCF-3 , Ontario Insurance Claims Forms

What is an OCF-3 Disability Certificate?

If you have been injured in an accident in Ontario, you will likely need medical help and you may even need legal help.  Your insurance company is often one of the first calls that get made.  Typically, your insurance company will start your claim by sending you a package to complete.  In this package, you will be required to fill out many detailed forms. These forms are extremely important and often are of great importance when it comes time to settling your case.  That is why it is so important to make sure they are filled out correctly. Insurance companies can deny a claim if there is misleading information on the forms.

OCF 3: Disability Certificate

One of the first forms to fill out is the OCF 3; otherwise known as the Disability Certificate  OCF-3. The OCF-3 Disability form needs to filled out by you and your health practitioner (this could be your chiropractor, dentist, occupational therapist, nurse practitioner, optometrist, physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist or speech language pathologist). Your insurance company  will pay for the completed OCF-3. There is no expense charged to you.

Ottawa Insurance Claims Lawyer

If you or a loved has been injured in an Ontario car  accident and you are  applying for Accident Benefits, you must fill out a Disability Certificate. Your doctor will need to fill out a Disability Certificate  OCF-3 from your insurance company. The OCF-3 Disability Certificate form can be found at the  Financial Services Commission of Ontario site. The manner in which this is filled out is extremely important. It is important to be completely honest with your doctor and have your doctor fill out the form in as much detail as possible. It’s important to include all personal injuries on the form, including psychological injuries, any mental injuries, emotional injuries etc.. Be as detailed as possible.  The last thing you want is to be suffering from an injury down the road and have the insurance company deny your claim because you didn’t give all the information at the time of the accident. You may need therapy later on and not know it at the time of your injury. Somethings to keep in mind…

Have you been previously injured in an accident? Do you suffer from pre-existing conditions ? Some pre-existing conditions could affect the outcome of your claim. Your doctor needs to be extremely thorough. What other injuries does your doctor suspect go along with your injury? Do you get headaches? Are you having trouble with bright lights, loud noises? Are there  neurological injuries? Areyou having concentration difficulties? Do you feel pain anywhere else? This all needs to be documented on your Disability Certificate  OCF-3 form.

Where an Ontario Injury Lawyer can help with a Disability Certificate  OCF-3 form. 

Some of the OCF-3 Disability Certificate is fairly standard. You need to complete  your name, date of birth, gender, address, and employment status.

Another section of the Disability Certificate OCF-3 requires you fill out all insurance information. If you were a pedestrian at the time of the car accident,  you are required to fill out the insurance information of the other driver that hit you. This information can also be found on the Police Report. If  neither drivers or accident victims have insurance there is a special fund set up by the government called  Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. It is difficult tobe considered for this fund and it would be best if you ge the help of an Ontario injury lawyer when making a claim to the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

The most difficult section of  the Disability Certificate OCF-3  is the third section . It is in this section that accident victims must fill out the details of the car accident and indicate what personal injuries resulted from the accident. You need to make sure that all the information provided in this section is the same information given in your police report. Take your time and fill it out careful.  It is always best to consult with your Ontario injury lawyer to make sure you do not write anything that might jeopardize your case.

The next section of the Disability Certificate OCF-3 form is the section that requires you to enlist the help of your family doctor, surgeons, therapists, physiotherapist, psychologist, speech language pathologist, or any other health care professional listed on the form OCF-3.  Not only do they need to identify your injuries, they also need to give an opinion on your recovery status.  Your health professionals must decide if you are capable to return to work and day in/day out activities. This is particularly challenging as often only time will tell in these situations.

Filing out complex insurance forms can be very difficult and stressful.  It shouldn’t be ! You are already dealing with enough. As some of the most dedicated Ottawa personal injury lawyers, we  help all of our personal injury clients fill out these forms correctly, so as not to jeopardize anything .  There is far too much at risk and we want to help.  We can help.If you have a question,or would simply just like some help filling out your Disability Certificate OCF-3, we would be happy to help. We won’t charge you. These are forms we fill out every day and it is far easier for us to do, than for you to do.  Let us help you and you can focus on your recovery. Feel free to call us at (613) 978-9549 or email