Selecting the best Ottawa brain injury lawyer for your traumatic brain injury.

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Advice for Selecting the best Ottawa Brain Injury Lawyer

While many minor disputes can be handled in a small claims court or through an alternative dispute resolution, handling a claim for a personal injury as serious as traumatic brain injury requires the expertise and know-how of an Ottawa brain injury lawyer.  When you

Our lawyers know what is needed to support and compensate for a brain injury.

Our lawyers know what is needed to support and compensate for a brain injury.

hire an Ottawa brain injury lawyer, you need to find someone who understands the nuances of your brain injury and has extensive experience interpreting medical diagnoses in order to present the full facts of your brain injury to your insurance adjuster or in the courtroom.

A brain injury is a very complicated legal matter because the symptoms are often “invisible.”  This is especially the case when it comes to a mild brain injury.  The vocational abilities of victims who have sustained a mild brain injuries are often severely impacted.  Victims are typically in denial about a brain injury’s impact on their lives.

Many survivors of a traumatic brain injury do not receive adequate compensation for their brain injury primarily because they hire an Ottawa brain injury lawyer who does not have the sufficient experience to present a legitimate claim for damages.   Ask your Ottawa brain injury lawyer about previous brain injury cases they have taken on. When searching for an Ottawa brain injury lawyer, research their education, training, and experience.  Determine what kind of knowledge they have about brain injury. Furthermore, find out if they are members of any trial law groups that deal with brain injury.  All of these factors will help you determine whether the lawyer’s knowledge about brain injury law and compensation is current.

Some Ottawa brain injury lawyers are willing to represent you on a contingency fee basis.  This means that the lawyer will not receive payment until you receive compensation for your brain injury.  When working on a contingency fee basis, an Ottawa brain injury lawyer receives a  % of the compensation amount. When you hire an Ottawa brain injury lawyer on a contingency fee basis, you can rest assured knowing that you are hiring an experienced, qualified Ottawa lawyer who can practically guarantee results.

Make sure to interview your Ottawa lawyer face-to-face and have plenty of questions ready to ask them so you can ascertain their qualifications.  Some important questions you may want to ask include the following:

  • How many brain injury cases have you been involved  in the last 5 years?
  • What % of personal injury cases do you take relate to brain injury?
  • What are the settlement compensation amounts you have obtained on brain injury cases in the past?

Choosing the right Ottawa brain injury lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.  Be sure to find an Ottawa brain injury lawyer with whom you feel comfortable.  Moreover, hire an Ottawa brain injury lawyer who has the confidence and experience necessary to handle your case.  By taking the time to find a qualified Ottawa brain injury lawyer to represent you, you will be able to receive the recompose that you deserve, enabling you to meet your medical and support needs.

Ottawa Ontario Catastrophic Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Ontario Catastrophic Injury Lawyer, Ottawa Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer   …Catastrophic injuries can be the most physically, emotionally and financially devastating personal injuries. They range from spinal cord injuries to severe brain injuries and many devastating personal injuries in between.  With the help of an experienced Catastrophic Ontario injury lawyer, Ontario accident victims and their families can usually obtain maximum compensation by making a personal injury claim.catastrophic injury

A catastrophic injury is a life altering personal injury that usually often occurs suddenly and without warning. A catastrophic injury has live long implications, that usually become  apparent years after the accident. Ontario accident victims with catastrophic injuries and their families often don’t know where to start.  They have a long and difficult road ahead of them, not to mention an incredibly FULL plate. This is when they need an Ontario catastrophic injury lawyer most. A personal injury lawyer specializing in catastrophic injuries has the experience to take over and work at the getting the accident victim and their family the support, and compensation they need not only immediately but down the road.  Most catastrophic injury victims are unable to return to work.  The settlement amount awarded to catastrophic injury victims is often the only source of income; therefore it is so important to make sure that the Ontario personal injury lawyer that is hired is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to catastrophic injury compensation in Ontario.  For example, catastrophic injuries like brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are serious and complex personal injuries. Victims of catastrophic injuries need long-term medical care, and may never be able to work again. In addition to the physical pain and emotional pain of catastrophic injuries, the financial consequences are usually overwhelming. A personal injury claim can provide compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, along with other Ontario accident benefits.

What Types of Catastrophic Injuries Exist?

Catastrophic injuries include all types of injuries that occur suddenly and can cause long-term or permanent injury. It is common for catastrophic injuries to damage the central nervous system, which may in turn damage other bodily systems. Examples of catastrophic injuries are  amputation or dismemberment injury, brain injury, eye injury, foot injury, multiple bone fractures, serious head trauma, severe burn injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

What are the Causes of Catastrophic Injuries ?

The most common causes of a catastrophic injury are motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and falls. A new report estimating the incidence and prevalence of spinal cord injury (SCI) in Canada has found that close to 86,000 Canadians are currently living with spinal cord injury and that an estimated 4,300 new cases of spinal cord injury occur in Canada each year, a baseline measurement of the extent of SCI in Canada that was previously unknown.

Of the current estimated 86,000 Canadians living with some form of SCI, 51% — or 44,000 —are living with SCI as a result of traumatic causes. It is estimated that of the 4,300 new cases of spinal cord injury in Canada each year, about 1,785 are as the result of traumatic injury from causes such as car accidents.

What are the Treatments for Catastrophic Injuries?

Proper medical attention is essential for all catastrophic injuries.  Beyond initial medical care, accident victims often require frequent medical visits and follow-up surgeries, involvement with social workers, home modifications, attendant care, rehabilitation and much more.  An experienced Ontario catastrophic injury lawyer will work with the accident victim’s professional team to ensure that they are getting everything needed for their clients best possible recovery.  The top Ontario catastrophic injury lawyers will work with doctors, social workers, registered nurses, life care planners, and other medical experts to establish the extent of the victim’s injuries and determine their future medical and financial needs. Understanding the complete effects of a catastrophic injury is essential in ensuring an accident victim receives maximum compensation.

Catastrophic Injury Compensation and lawsuits -What is a catastrophic injury entitled to?

Showing the extent of a catastrophic  injury can be  challenging.  Some catastrophic injuries such as a brain injury are “invisible”. Again, this is where the best Ontario personal injury lawyers  are extremely valuable.  Through experience, they know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that accident victims have all the proper medical experts and documentation to prove that maximum  compensation is needed for a catastrophic injury. There are a number of areas that can be compensated such as medical treatment costs, lost wages, dependent care costs, and the pain and suffering a victim and their family endures throughout this extremely difficult time. The top Ontario catastrophic injury lawyers  can make all the difference in the outcome of the financial future of an Ontario accident victim with a catastrophic injury.


Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Shares Information as it Relates to Spinal Cord Injuries.

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Catastrophic injury lawyers…

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Spinal cord injuries can be traumatic and frightening experiences to injury victims and their families. Often times, if you have suffered a spinal cord injury, you may experience physical injuries such as pain, discomfort, sensitivity, and related symptoms, while fear, anger, and an experience of loss and insecurity can also be common. It is important to address these matters.

Alongside these considerations, spinal cord injuries also require the serious and careful attention of a qualified and competent lawyer who specializes in the complex and constantly evolving science and law that surrounds spinal cord injuries in Canada. I  have several clients with a spinal cord injuries and I understand how this is an incredibly difficult time for you, your family and your friends.

Here is some information for you to consider as you learn more about spinal cord injuries, which generally fall into two stages, known as (1) the Primary Stage and (2) the Secondary Stage of a spinal cord injury.

The primary spinal injury stage includes an initial physical trauma to the spine. This may occur if there is a very bad fall, motor vehicle accident (Car, Truck, snowmobile) and any other such kind of traumatic incident (Snowboarding, ski accident, soccer, etc).

The primary injury can be the result of a neurological injury or spinal cord injury due to: (1) Physical compression of the spinal cord/nerves: This may occurs secondary to injury to the bone, disc, and or ligament. If compressed, the tissues narrow down the spinal canal or sometimes also change in alignment. Consequently, nerves are “squeezed” and injured. (2) Stretch of the tissues: The spinal cord is extremely sensitive and can be injured in a subtle yet severe manner, even by the most ostensibility minor trauma attributed to it directly. (3) Blood supply mutilation: secondary to an injury, the inner blood network (tiny blood vessels) can be destroyed suddenly, causing immediate and dangerous hemorrhage into the spinal cord.

Spinal cord injuries are typically diagnosed  with an MRI scan just after trauma. This will better inform the decision of the doctor on how to proceed, and your lawyer, and most importantly yourself on your goals and wishes. Because at the end of the day, it’s about what you most want and need. Health is not just the absence of disease, but so much more. You want to be healthy, and back to functioning at a high level.

So far we have discussed the primary stage.  What many people do not realize is that nature of the secondary injury stage, where many of the effects of the primary injury or trauma finally become clear, such as pain, tension, emotional/psychological considerations, and so on. There is no fixed time for the occurrence of secondary injury. It may occur within seconds, hours, days, and even weeks. Physiologically, the body releases certain chemicals in response to trauma. As such, these reactions in your body can cause inflammation, and reduce spinal cord blood flow. Such conditions can kill the cells in your body.
As a goal of spinal cord injury treatment, your doctor, your lawyer, and you can work together in considering the best way to:

a. decrease inflammation
b. reduce cell degradation and death
c. increase blood flow where needed
d. reduce likelihood of scar formation

The science and law behind spinal cord injuries is complex and can be a challenge for someone that is finding themselves in this situation for the first time. I respect and admire you for taking the step towards learning and recovery.

If you need more information on spinal cord injuries, or have suffered a spinal cord injury, or simply want to speak with a personal injury lawyer in the Ottawa area regarding a spinal cord injury, please visit or call; 613-978-9549.  You are under no obligation and I would be happy to help in anyway I can by offering you some of the resources that have helped my clients or simply listening and finding out how I can help.

-Take care and be safe out there !

David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer