Kingston car accident: Driver dies and dog survives but doesn't leave his owner's side.

Kingston Ontario Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates .  Sadly , a young man from Kingston in his 20s died after a Kingston car accident early yesterday morning.  The accident occurred close to 3 a.m. on Sydenham Road in South Frontenac Township. It was reported that the  driver may have lost control of his car for some reason and hit a rock face on the road. His dog had been travelling with him and  survived the accident.  When Kingston police arrived at the accident scene, they found the dog lying beside the car waiting by his owner.  The cause of this tragic accident is still unknown.  My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very sad time.

Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult time in your life. We understand that these losses are devastating. Ontario Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates are  Ontario accident lawyers dedicated to helping our clients get all the help, support and compensation after an accident Ontario accident, including Kingston. Visit for more information relating to accidents,  insurance claims in Ontario , loss of a loved one, personal injury or events in our community. Email or call (613) 978-9549

Kingston Car Accident Lawyers

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Ontario injury lawyer travels to homes throughout eastern Ontario.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Ottawa Ontario.

I just returned from the Eganville area and was reminded again of how beautiful that area is.  We passed through Renfrew along the way and it too was such a great town to drive through.

These areas are especially gorgeous this time of year with all the fresh white snow and the sprawling farms. I have several clients in the Eganville, Braeside, Renfrew, Arnprior and Pembroke areas and I travel to meet them regularly.

I am happy to travel to my clients home not only because it’s often times easier for me to travel to them ,than them travel to me.  I also like meeting people in their homes because it often gives me a chance to meet their families and find out if their family members have any needs.

Often times when someone is in an accident they are suffering and have emotional, physical and psychological needs; however most times there are also impacts on their family members. An injury impacts a family on many levels. I understand this and have seen it.

I am so thankful that I am in the position of helping accident victims and their families.  I know how to help. I know exactly what to do to ensure that maximum compensation is given to my clients.  They deserve it as they have had their lives turned upside down and this is the very least we can do to help. We are  happy to help and will travel anywhere throughout Ontario to help Ontario accident victims and their families. Give us a call or email us at


Ontario Injury Award Settlement Amounts: Embrun woman receives compensation for chronic pain, anxiety and psychological issues.

Ottawa personal injury cases and award amounts.

Compensation for Chronic Pain Injury

I often have people call me and describe their Ottawa accident to me and what has happened to them as the result of an accident in Ontario.  They have many questions.  The two that I get asked the most are:

Do I have a case and how much is my case worth?

While every case is different, as all personal injuries and all individuals are different, there are often similarities that run throughout similar cases.

Accident Scenario:

We worked closely with “JM” to ensure she received maximum compensation for her injuries.  JM was a  58-year-old woman from Embrun, Ontario. One day, she was a passenger in a car driven by her husband.  As he went to turn left , they were hit by another vehicle.

Injuries Resulting From Accident:

JM suffered very serious personal injuries including chronic pain, anxiety and psychological difficulties as the result of the accident.

Compensation For Chronic Pain Injury:

After tough negotiations, we were able to get the insurance company to settle without  them having to go to court.  JM received $ 240,000 from the tort action and another $325,000 from her Ontario Accident Benefits Insurer. While this $565 000 will never erase the damage that has been done, it can help JM and her husband adjust to a new life with rehabilitation, benefits and support.  While we wish we could take back the accident for them, we are grateful to have met them and were able to change their lives in some for the better.  Moving forward, we wish them well…

Our Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You:

Our team of dedicated  Ontario injury lawyers are always available by phone, email or visit should you have a question, we would be happy  to provide you with free legal advice and steer you in the right direction. We understand that you may not know where to start. This is normal. Whether you decide to start a case or not, it’s best you know your options so you can make an informed decision. You owe it to yourself and your family.

For more information that relates to compensation for chronic pain and psychological injuries, visit   or

* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth with tips to help avoid an Ontario snowmobile accident.

Snowmobile Accident

Tragically, a 56 year old man from Guelph died this past weekend while  snowmobiling, close to Bancroft. Brian Nichol was involved in a snowmobile accident when he hit a wire fence that had been set up across a road. Sadly, he died right away upon impact. What a terrible accident and my thoughts go out to his family and friends at this sad time.

While some accidents like this one can happen innocently and in an instant, others may be avoided.

It s the time of year when many snowmobiling accidents occur.  Every year I help dozens of Ontario snowmobile accident victims who have been injured in snowmobile accidents and are not getting the insurance compensation they desperately need.  There are many dangers associated with outdoor winter activities and snowmobiling is no exception.  Many snowmobile accidents are unavoidable and simply happen.  There are however some things you can do to help minimize your chances of injuring yourself while snowmobiling.

Avoiding a snowmobile accident? It’s important to:

– follow all driving laws; especially the speed limit.

-know where you are going.

-tell others where you are going

-stay off ice that may be dangerous

-obey the speed limits

-do not drink and ride

-ride in a group or use buddy system

-know your vehicle

-ride with a toolkit and first aid safety box

-ride with proper clothing, helmet and equipment

-be aware and obey all trail signs

-if you fall through ice, do not panic. Crawl out of the ice and roll to safety.  Do not stand up until you are clearly on thick ice.

Most of all you common sense and be on high alert.  Snowmobiling is a great, fun outdoor past time. Enjoy it safely and responsibly because a snowmobile accident can happen in an instant.



Vanier pedestrian accident Beechwood results in serious leg injuries.

Vanier Pedestrian Accident

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth.

Sadly, a 54 year old woman is in serious condition after an Ottawa accident in Vanier on Tuesday morning. Ottawa Paramedics responded to the accident scene on Marier Avenue, close to Beechwood Avenue. The accident victim was on foot and was trapped under the vehicle. She suffered serious personal injury to her legs. I wish her a full recovery.

Because pedestrians are not protected by a strong frame such as a vehicle or the safety of a seat belt, most pedestrian accidents result in serious injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, spinal injuries and sometimes death. Often times , the injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident result in permanent catastrophic injuries, and are life-altering, for not only the person injured, but their family as well.

Compensation for pedestrian accidents

In most cases, pedestrians are entitled to compensation through the driver’s accident benefits insurance company. These benefits typically include are , rehabilitation expenses, medical expenses, treatments and compensation for pain and suffering.

Experienced accident lawyers know how to help.   You need to focus on your healing and leave the rest to our personal injury lawyers. We can start by commencing an action on your behalf by notifying the insurance company of your intention to make a personal injury claim.  We will then order the police reports, required reports  and accident benefit forms, fill them out and submit your OCF forms within the prescribed timelines. It’s our job to help you in every way we can so you can focus on healing. We will ensure you are being treated fairly by the insurance company and that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and are able to rebuild your life comfortably after your accident.



Kanata accident leaves 2 in Ottawa hospital with serious personal injury including a possible spinal cord injury.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth and Associates.   A terrible Ottawa accident has left 2  people were serious personal injuries after a Kanata accident, late yesterday afternoon. The Kanata accident occurred at  Kakulu and Castlefrank road. The vehicle involved in the accident  left the road, drove  over a chain-link fence and then hit  a tree before it rolled onto the roof of the vehicle. At the time of the Kanata accident, 2 people were inside the vehicle. Ottawa rescue crews were able to extricate both accident victims. The driver was a 62 year old man was rushed to a hospital in serious condition with possible stroke-like symptoms. His passenger was also a 62 year old woman. She was rushed  to an Ottawa hospital in serious condition with a possible spinal cord injury.  My thoughts go out to both of them and their family at this incredibly stressful time.  I wish them both full and speedy recoveries.

The Injury Lawyer report is created regularly by  Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth.  David has been an Ontario  personal injury lawyer since 1999 and   focusses on helping all eastern Ontario accident victims with serious personal injuries such as wrongful death and personal  injuries resulting from Ontario accidents. The Ottawa Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer  reports on  eastern Ontario accidents such as Ottawa area accidents, personal injury, safety,  insurance in Ontario,  and events or news that relate to Ottawa . Visit for more information.

Kanata Accident Kakulu and Castlefrank road

Ottawa accident statistics: How safe are Ottawa roads?

Accidents in Ottawa Ontario

Personal Injury Lawyers Ottawa Ontario David Hollingsworth

The Ottawa Citizen recently published statistics that relate to Ottawa accidents. Did you know that between 2007 and 2011 in Ottawa, tailgating was the cause for 24 487 accidents, 6 872 personal injuries, and 8 deaths on Ottawa roads ?  There were also 41 accidents in school zones during that time period, resulting in 9 children being injured in school zones.

Let’s all be aware and do everything we can to make the next 5 years much safer in Ottawa. Please slow down, leave space, use hands free devices, focus on the road, and check your tires. Let’s keep our Ottawa roads safe and free of accidents !

The Ottawa Injury report is produced regularly and focusses on accidents, personal injury , insurance and safety. David Hollingsworth has been an Ontario personal injury lawyer since 1999, dedicated to helping Ontario accident victims with serious personal injuries such as head injury, wrongful deaths  and serious personal injuries.  Visit for more information.


Pembroke accident highway 17 results in wrongful death of Brian Pratt.

Accident in Pembroke

Pembroke Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Tragically, a 58 year old Deep River man has died as the result of a terrible Pembroke accident morning on Highway 17, close to Pembroke, Ontario.  Brian Pratt was driving his 1997 Chevy pickup yesterday morning when he was hit by another vehicle; a tractor trailer at the intersection of B-Line Road in Pembroke  and Highway 17. Sadly, he died at the accident scene. The driver of the tractor trailer was 21-year-old Muraleetharam Paramanantham, and his passenger was 32-year-old Jahanzeb Baloch, both of Toronto thankfully, were  uninjured.  My thoughts go out to the family and friends of Brian Pratt at this very difficult time.

There seem to be many accidents in the Pembroke area and especially on Highway 17.  Many of these are fatal accidents, leave behind grieving families. Our personal injury lawyers travel regularly to Pembroke to offer free legal advice and give families guidance when it comes to next steps after losing someone in an accident. Our personal injury lawyers often take over the insurance portion for families, so that in a timely manner they receive compensation for things such as funeral expenses and to cover other expenses related to losing a loved one.  We want to allow our families time to grieve and rebuild with one another and not worry about logistical paperwork associated with insurance claims after an accident. Our accident lawyers understand that this is not the time for families to be worried about insurance claims.

What do you need to start a personal injury lawsuit for the death of a loved one ?

Our personal injury lawyers have a prepared checklist of items needed to ensure that expenses are covered and that families receive compensation when they are entitled to it.   Even if you simply have a question and need advice, our personal injury lawyers are available for free consultations and can help answer any questions you may have. We understand, we care and we’re here to help.

Ottawa Police planning to streamline accident reporting process, cut costs and lower Ottawa accident reporting times.

Ottawa Accident Report

Ottawa Police are planning to make improvements to their accident reporting system.  The accident reporting process should then be faster, safer, and more efficient  due to the new technology being used as well as designated Collision Reporting Centres (CRC) in Ottawa.

Motorists who are involved in accidents and who have not suffered injuries and have a vehicle that can still be driven will be able to attend one of the three designated reporting centres (open 7 days a week ) . The accident report will need to be filed within 24 hours. Ottawa’s 3 reporting  centres will be located at 474 Elgin Street, 211 Huntmar Drive and 3343 St. Joseph Boulevard.

On average, it takes 32 minutes before an available officer arrives on an Ottawa accident scene and the accident reporting process takes approximately  72-minutes. Now, with the new system in place, the process will be quicker it will also alleviate traffic around the accident.  Now under the new system, Ottawa accidents will be submitted electronically which will not only save time, it will save money , dropping the cost of each report $249 to $167.

If you plan on starting a personal injury lawsuit, you will need a police report.  Our lawyers can order a copy for you if you do not have a copy. Contact an Ottawa personal injury lawyer for a free consultation and let us help you get all the supports and compensation you are entitled to.

Gatineau hit and run accident, serious head injury , lawyer David Hollingsworth

Hit and Run Accident

Ottawa Ontario Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth…A 32-year-old man is in Gatineau police custody after a hit and run accident early Friday morning that left an Ottawa man with serious personal injuries. A 24-year-old man was walking on the  Promenade du Portage when he was struck by a car. The 32-year-old driver of the vehicle took off, but was soon apprehended. The accident victim was rushed to the Hull Hospital with head injuries.

Hit and Run accidents can be difficult when it comes to personal injury lawsuits and knowing which insurance companies will pay for what expenses and compensation.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have extensive experience with hit and run accidents.  In many cases, if the person who is injured in a hit and run accident in Ontario has their own insurance company, they will be able to seek compensation through them.  This will not cost the individual.  If the injured does not have their own insurance, there are still options.  One option is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit through the Ontario Motor Vehicle Accidents Claims Fund; otherwise known as the MVACF. This is a government fund that is designed to protect individuals who are injured and do not have their own insurance company; or are injured in an accident with another party who does not have insurance or who is underinsured.


The MVACF provides financial compensation or statutory accident benefits to people who have been injured or who have no recourse to auto insurance or who are injured in accidents with an uninsured or unidentified driver, such as is the case in a hit and run accident. All this to say, there are options and it’s best anyone involved in an accident seek medical attention first and legal attention second.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are available for free consultations and will travel to you to answer any questions and help best determine ways to ensure injured victims receive maximum compensation.

Ottawa Injury Lawyer

The  Ottawa Injury Lawyer  report shares accidents in eastern Ontario, personal injury issues, accident news and local Ottawa news and events and various news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury. Visit for more information.

Ontario Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth, Hit and Run accident