Our Ottawa injury lawyers want you to know that October 16 – 22, 2016 is National Teen Driver Safety Week

National Teen Driver Safety Week #GETHOMESAFEteen driver safety

Teen driver safety is so very important. As Ottawa injury lawyers, we meet with families regularly who have lost a teen in an accident.  Sadly, teen drivers are the most at risk drivers in our country. Inexperience, coupled with immaturity, can result in not knowing how to react or even risk taking behaviours like speeding, distracted driving, drug and alcohol use and not wearing a seatbelt. All of these behaviours can  lead to an increased accident rate among teens. The Ontario Provincial Police report that teenagers are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers.

National Teen Driver Safety Week aims to get the word out about safe driving to parents and teens encouraging them to start talking about the dangers. Also parents need to lead by example. Specifically, parents should talk to their teens about what is known as the “5 to Drive” or the five most common teen safety driving issues.

Extra passengers

Speeding Drugs or alcohol

Driving and riding without a seatbelt

Using a cell phone or

Texting while driving

Talk to your teens about accidents and how to stay safe

During National Teen Driver Safety Week, our Ottawa injury lawyers urge you to take the opportunity to talk with teenagers about these issues and remind them to take a stand for safe driving even when not behind the wheel. That means speaking out if you are in a car with someone who is  texting while driving, making sure not to distract the driver and calling home for a ride home if another teen driver is unsafe.

This year it is particularly important to talk to teens about distracted driving as the incidents of distraction are clearly on the rise. Approximately 16 percent of all distracted driving crashes involving drivers younger than 20*.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let us all do our part to ensure that all teen drivers . Our Ottawa injury lawyers want you to #GETHOMESAFE.

*Ontario Provincial Police

Ontario Accidents and Distracted Driving

Ontario Provincial Police Calls Distracted Driving the Number One Killer in Ontario Accidentsdistracteddriving

We have all heard and read the distributing statistics on the dangers of distracted driving and our Ottawa injury lawyers want to remind you of some of the most common causes of distracted driving.  Last month, the Ontario Provincial Police reported that distracted driving is now responsible for twice as many deaths as impaired driving. This year, they have investigated 38 on-road death accidents involving distracted driving – almost twice as many as those caused by impaired drivers, making distracted driving accidents the number one killer on our roads.  Since 2009, it has been blamed for more than 600 accidents resulting in deaths on OPP-patrolled roads.

Accidents and Distracted Driving

There are several ways a person can be considered distracted while driving.  Drivers are distracted when they have their eyes off the road, mind off the road, or hands off the steering wheel. Using a cell phone, especially to send a text message, does all three of these at once which is one of the reasons why it is so dangerous. All 10 provinces have adopted laws to stop texting while driving,  with fines ranging from $80 to $1,200 and five demerit points (*CAA).   Think you won’t get caught because you have your phone in your lap?  Gatineau police officers are now riding buses this month as part of a road safety blitz targeting drivers who are texting or on social media.

Social Media and Accidents

Social media use on smartphones has also become a serious concern with apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.  While these are obviously extremely dangerous distractions, others are less obvious.  Texting, eating or drinking, grooming, using a GPS and adjusting the radio are now all considered forms of distracted driving.  We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves, our passengers and other drivers safe on the road.  Be aware of distracted driving, don’t be a passenger in a car where the driver is distracted and don’t be tempted to take your mind off the road, your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

Drive safely Ottawa !

We are Ottawa personal injury lawyers and we can help.

What can our Ottawa personal injury lawyers  do for you ?

Fair question .  We receive calls from clients who are about to settle their insurance claim with their adjuster and simply want to know should they ?  It’s tough for our injury lawyers to answer this question without reviewing the file.  Typically, when we receive a call of this nature, we set up a meeting (no charge) and look through the facts of the case.  It’s important that everything be reviewing in case there have been areas of a personal injury file that were not discovered or covered by the insurance company. Almost every time, sure enough, our Ottawa injury lawyers are able to find many expenses that should have been covered or aspects of an accident benefits policy that were not being utilized .  That’s not to say that the insurance company was deliberately hiding such coverage, it’s just that often times unless the person injured knows to ask for all the right benefits and coverages, some simply do not come up.  ocf form

Ottawa injury lawyers analyze your case.  Are you getting maximum compensation for your injuries ?

Our personal injury lawyers can analyze your case and in some cases discover that the insurance claim is in fact double or triple what the insurance company is looking to settle for.  Thankfully, as long as you have not signed off on the settlement offer, there may still be time to recoup these amounts with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.  This absolutely makes it worth while to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  All it will cost you is time; probably close to an hour for this initial consultation.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers make it even easier and will come to you.

If we think your case is worth more, we will advise you not to settle and we can step in to represent you and prepare a claim for you.  It may delay the settlement; however this delay is in our opinion worth it as typically the settlement amount is significantly higher. Not to mention, you will be receiving benefits and treatments you may not have been receiving before our personal injury lawyers stepped in.  This will hopefully speed up your recovery process.

This is a personal injury lawyer’s job…

You owe it to yourself to consult with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. It’s our job to ensure that our personal injury clients are receiving the best possible treatments, as well maximum compensation.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers understand what you are going through.  An accident can change in your life and your family’s life in many ways you never thought possible. Let us help.

Ottawa accident Rideau st leaves man in critical condition.

Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth.  Another terrible Ottawa pedestrian accident occurred last week between Sussex and Nicholas .  It’s not the first accident in this busy downtown area.   Ottawa Police investigated the Ottawa pedestrian accident that occurred early one morning at approximately 3 a.m. Ottawa paramedics arrived at the accident scene and found a male pedestrian who had been hit  in front of 99 Rideau St. The injured man was said to be in his 20s and had suffered life-threatening injuries and was unresponsive.  He was rushed to an Ottawa hospital in critical condition.  Our thoughts go out to this young man and his family and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Ottawa’s downtown core is a busy area, no matter what time of day.  Many downtown Ottawa accidents involve pedestrians.  What many pedestrians do not know is that they are entitled to various accident benefits through the insurance company of the driver involved in the accident.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are available and will travel to your house, home or hospital to explain to pedestrians their rights and walk them through which accident benefits are available to pedestrians who have been injured. If you have a question and want to know more information about insurance claims, accidents in Ottawa, or personal injury , our Ottawa injury lawyers are available to help.

Since 1999, we have helped hundreds of people rebuild their lives following an accident.  We also understand that sometimes all people need is advice and guidance. We are here to offer our expertise.  Let our Ottawa personal injury lawyers help.

—-Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Holllingsworth has been helping people in Ottawa since 1999 and  has built a team of  Ottawa personal injury lawyers, Ontario accident benefit specialists and  injury law clerks who devote themselves to helping people throughout eastern Ontario and Ottawa.  David and his injury  team are devoted to the safety of others. If you would like more information on personal injury, insurance claims, safety concerns, accident information,  please contact us at www.ottawainjury.ca.  We understand, we care, we’re here to help and our track record  proves it.

Ottawa cycling accident Smyth road and Russell roads sends woman to Ottawa hospital with internal injuries and pelvic injuries

Ottawa Cycling Accident Lawyer…

Sadly another Ottawa cycling accident has occurred. A Ottawa bicyclist suffered severe injuries this  morning after being hit  between Smyth road and Russell road. It was reported in the Ottawa Citizen that the Ottawa cyclist is a 26 year old female and that she was rushed to a Ottawa hospital with serious internal injuries and injuries to her pelvic. Thankfully , she is in stable condition at this time. I wish her a full recovery from this accident and I hope her injuries are not life-long. The Ottawa police are investigating this Ottawa cycling accident.  If you witnessed the accident or have any information that could help, please contact the Ottawa Police.

This is the second day in a row we have had bad cycling accidents in Ottawa. Please drivers and cyclists be aware of one another and be extra cautious as we share our Ottawa roads. We need to reduce the number of cycling accidents in Ottawa !


More snow coming Ottawa ! Leave those snow tires on.

A caution from personal injury lawyer Ottawa David Hollingsworth

You may think spring is just around the corner here in Ottawa but you may have to wait a little longer.  Don’t put your shovels and snow tires away yet. There is a storm system making its way towards Ottawa and is likely to hit us late tonight. Yes, that’s right…more snow. It should start tonight and continue tomorrow. It is expected that the Ottawa area will get at least 15 centimetres of snow, possibly more. I wanted to remind everyone to adjust their driving and be aware of the weather conditions.  Driving in a snowstorm and heavy snow can be dangerous. As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I can tell you that there are far too many accidents that could potentially be avoided if all drivers followed some basic guidelines for winter driving.

If you are feeling unsafe, pullover and get assistance.

Slow down during inclement weather.

Make sure to clear your car off and that you have excellent visibility on the front , back and side windows.

Clear off the roof of your car, as sudden stops may send large amounts of snow down your windows and may affect your visibility. Clearing off your roof also ensures you aren’t putting others at risk with large pieces of ice and snow flying off your vehicle while driving.

Watch out for black ice.

We will undoubtedly be faced with difficult driving conditions tonight and tomorrow morning in Ottawa and surrounding areas.  Please drive safely and take your time.

David Hollingsworth and his personal injury team are dedicated injury lawyers who are here to help through support and maximum compensation following an Ontario accident. We are from Ottawa and love Ottawa and want to keep our roads and city safe.


Ottawa accident highway 401 and highway 416 sends 2 to hospital with hip injury, pelvis injury, shoulder injury and severe leg fracture.

Brockville Accident

Accident highway 401

An accident on Highway 401, east of Brockville Friday resulted in a 20 car pileup accident and left  two people with serious personal injuries. The accident occurred close to Maitland and the  416  split. Although the snow storm only lasted 5 minutes, it caused a lot of damage and injury.  Cars and tractor trailers were swerving all over the highway and one tractor trailer caught flames. Given the number of vehicles involved in the accident, it’s no wonder there were not more injuries. Ottawa paramedics reported that a 68 year old woman suffered a hip injury, pelvis injury and shoulder injuries.  They also reported that a 33 year old man suffered a fractured leg.

Thankfully many drivers were able to pullover to safety as the intense snow storm began.  There is no doubt that this helped in keeping the number of injured down to 2. The Ottawa Police and the Ontario Provincial Police are investigating the accident. I am so thankful no one died and I hope that the 2 people who did suffer personal injury are able to recover fully from this terrible accident.

Our personal injury lawyers travel to Brockville on a regular basis to help people who have been injured or lost a loved on in a Brockville accident. We are able to sit down and discuss what are the best options given the nature of the accident and the extent of the injuries.  All of our consultations are free.  It’s important for our lawyers to establish a comfortable relationship with our clients and that at any given time throughout their case, they know they can come to us with anything. Our clients tell us that’s what distinguished us from other personal injury lawyers and that’s one of the many reasons they hire us.

If you would like to hear from us or other clients we have helped following a Brockville accident, let us know. We would be help.



Lead by example. Do you wear a helmet or do you just make your kids wear one?

Child Head Injury

I’m so pleased with this initiative. The Ottawa Public Health and CHEO have joined forces to promote the use of helmets during winter activities. Ottawa’s neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Vassilyadi attended the family day event at Ottawa’s city hall family day skating party to talk to parents to lead by example and wear their helmets !

Dr. Vassilyadi talked about how parents need to lead by example and how they are ambassadors and that kids look up to their parents and copy what they do.  I couldn’t agree more. We need to practice what we preach.

Dr. Vassilyadi also spoke about how  more families are taking the necessary precautions and wearing helmets for winter activities, such as skating and tobogganing. Dr. Vassilyadi also stated that there has been a decline in preventable head injuries in the Ottawa area, stating that there hadn’t been one surgical head injury until mid-January this season.

While one is too many at least we are moving in the right direction. I hope these messages reach others and before we know it wearing a helmet for winter activities will be an automatic response for everyone. Lead by example and put your helmet on ! If not for you, do it for your children.

Do your part in avoiding head injuries .


Ottawa accidents statistics: Look who isn't wearing a seat belt!

This month, Ottawa police are focussing on Ottawa drivers who run red lights and people who are not wearing seatbelts. Between 2007 and 2011, there were 230 Ottawa accidents involving drivers and passengers who were improperly buckled up, 22 people died in Ottawa accidents and 245 suffered serious personal injury.

Drivers who ran red lights caused 4,042 accidents between 2007 and 2011 . In that same period, 8  people lost their lives and 1,875 suffered serious personal injury.

Enough said ! Buckle up Ottawa and obey all traffic lights. These Ottawa accident statistics are staggering and these accidents could have been avoidable.

David Hollingsworth and his Ottawa personal injury team are experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyers who specialize in Ontario personal injury, accidents and insurance claims.  Since 1999, David has built one of the top Ottawa personal injury lawyers teams.   Contact us with any question/consultations at (613) 978-9549 or email at david@ottawainjury.ca or visit our website at www.ottawainjury.ca

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Ottawa pedestrian struck Airport Parkway and rushed to Ottawa Hospital Trauma Unit.

Ottawa accident results in head injury

An Ottawa accident has left a man with a serious head injury after he was struck yesterday morning on Ottawa’s  Airport Parkway, close to Hunt Club Road. The man was described as being in his late 20s or possibly early 30s and  was walking along the parkway at the time of the accident ( 7:20 a.m.) He was rushed to the trauma unit of the Ottawa Hospital with life-threatening injuries. I hope to soon be able to report that his condition has improved.

In our personal injury practice we see the potentially life-long implications of a severe head injury.  A brain injury is an invisible injury and yet it is one of the most devastating and life-changing injuries we see in our personal injury clients.  A brain injury can completely alter someone’s personality and leave them in a state where they do not know how to control their anger and emotions. Many people don’t know how to manage themselves and often times their friends and family react the same way.  With a brain injury being an invisible injury, family and friends often think that the injuries are not that serious and that the injured is just “mad” or “unresponsive”; when in actual fact this behaviour is a direct result of a brain injury.

There are many different degrees and levels of a brain injury from mild to traumatic. What’s important to know is that if you or a loved one is suffering from a brain injury there is help and support for you and your family.  Ottawa has tremendous organisations that focus on brain injury awareness and support people with brain injuries.  Ontario Accident Benefits also provide significant benefits to people who have been in an accident in Ontario and have suffered a brain injury. No one needs to suffer with a brain injury. Our personal injury lawyers can help you not only get maximum compensation for your brain injury, but also set you up with the supports and rehabilitation you need. Let us help.