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Personal Injury Lawyers in Ottawa Ontario: David Hollingsworth

Thanks for sending in all your wonderful questions for my show on CTV News at noon with Leanne Cusack last Friday. We managed to get through all your questions. In case you missed it, we discussed a short segment on social host liability and the differences between liability on public and private property. The episode is currently available on CTV news at noon’s website and I will post it soon on our YouTube Channel.

Here are the questions that were covered in this segment:

1. We are planning on having a Christmas party at our house and am wondering what my responsibilities are in terms of my guests ?

2. My neighbour is having snow removal done and they always pile it on my property. What can I do to stop this?

3. I was badly injured in an accident a year ago and I got a ticket.  Is there any way for me to get compensation even thought I was considered “at-fault” ?

4 .I’ve been called for jury duty.  Do I have to go?

5. My son was at a bar and beaten up by a bouncer.  Who can we sue ?

6. My ex husband and I drafted wills together.  I have a new one but I don’t want to be responsible for anything under his will.  What should I do?

7. My mother is ill and my siblings and I have been talking and trying to figure out if we need a power of attorney for her. What is a power of attorney?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to all of your questions, but I will respond to each of you individually. Thanks for sending them and keep them coming. If you have a question, feel free to email and I will get back to you with free legal advise.

Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth gives free legal advice today on CTV news at noon

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth on CTV news.

Please join personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth this afternoon on CTV news at noon with Leanne Cusack. We’ve had some great questions come in so far and I’m looking forward to today’s segment as the ask the expert on CTV.  On today’s show we hope to cover questions that relate to:

Summer safety, pool safety, water parks and off-road vehicles.

A few questions that were sent to our Ottawa injury lawyers and we hope to be able to cover relate to:

  • A deceased family member and a lost will. What should you do?
  • “Lemon clauses” when it comes to buying used cars
  • A Quebec resident who was in a car accident in Ontario. Which insurance regime to go through- Ontario insurance or Quebec insurance?
  • Difficulties with a contractor mid renovations the cost of the renovation doubles. What can you do?
  • Child injuries and how to proceed

We hope you are able to tune in at noon today on CTV. We look forward to answering all your legal questions.  If we can’t get to your question on today’s segment, feel free to email me directly at and I would be happy to help.

Who doesn’t need free legal advice?

David Hollingsworth will be appearing regularly on CTV news and is available to answer your questions on or off the air. Whichever you are most comfortable with. If you have a legal question you would like answered on CTV news or need some free legal advice, contact David and he will happily offer free legal counselling. Even if your question does not pertain to personal injury, David can answer your question and if it is very specific, he can refer you to other reputable Ottawa lawyers who specialize in your field of interest.