Determining compensation for an Ottawa pedestrian accident.

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In a city such as Ottawa,  pedestrian accidents are very common.  Every 5 years, the City of Ottawa collects statistics on Ottawa pedestrian accidents. The last report we could find was in 2013 and it reported that in Ottawa, there were a total of 351 Ottawa pedestrian accidents, 5 of which resulted in death.

Depending on the severity of the injuries and the facts surrounding the accident, pedestrians that are hit by a motor vehicle are entitled to compensation.  The Ontario insurance regime provides accident benefits to compensate for medical expenses and other treatments. Pain and suffering can also be compensated for, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

What factors determine the amount of maximum compensation for an Ottawa pedestrian accident ?

-Severity of injuries

-Liability? Who was at fault? Is the pedestrian partially responsible? Were they crossing at a crosswalk ?

-What are the losses?

If a pedestrian is found to be partially responsible, they can still receive compensation, although the compensation amount may be reduced by a certain percentage. Contributory negligence can impact one’s pedestrian accident claim.

Accident Scenario:

Our Ottawa injury lawyers have built a reputation in Ottawa as being honest, hard-working lawyers who go above and beyond to help our clients. One day we met with “JE”. JE was 25 year old woman who was struck by a vehicle while crossing a street in Ottawa.

Injuries Resulting From Accident:

JE’s Ottawa pedestrian accident resulted in some injuries. Unfortunately she sustained a partial tear of her ACL and continued to suffer from intermittent neck, back and hip pain.  She also suffered from brief period of anxiety.

Compensation for Injury:

Thankfully, JE started her rehabilitation quickly and she was able to go back to her employment full time. This is not always the case with pedestrian accidents. Sometimes the pedestrian accident can result in injuries that change one’s quality of life and they aren’t able to return to work.  Our client, JE was very fortunate in that her injuries were treated and healed and she was able to resume her life and occupation. The fact that she returned to full time employment didn’t mean that she still didn’t need compensation for her accident.  Our Ottawa injury lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement at a private settlement conference in the amount of $40,000.00 for any future medical needs she may that may arise. Every pedestrian accident is different. *Please note: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Ottawa Police seeking information regarding Ottawa pedestrian accident Walkley and Baycrest in the Heron Gate area.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth

Ottawa’s CFRA radio station reported an Ottawa accident this morning involving a 21-year-old male, who remains in serious condition in an Ottawa hospital. The male was hit by a car in  the area of  Heron Gate area.  Ottawa Paramedics reported that the male  hit the windshield of the car and was thrown close to  20 feet into the intersection of  Walkley  and Baycrest road. He was rushed to a nearby Ottawa hospital and Ottawa Police are investigating the accident.  If you have any information, you are asked to please contact the Ottawa Police at (613) 236-1222. We strongly encourage all Ottawa residents to help our local police. It could be your accident someday and you would want others to help if possible.

If you would like more information related  to driving safety, insurance, accidents  or personal injury law Ontario, please visit our website at  Not all injuries lead to a law suit.  It is important that you be informed and know your rights. There are certain accident benefits that injured people may be entitled to and other benefits you may not be entitled to depending on the extent of your injuries, your insurance company, optional benefits, and many, many other factors. Our lawyers are available to sit down with you and explain to you what your options are and whether or not you have a case . It’s best you get informed first.  Hopefully your injuries fully heal and you recover quickly; however, in the event that they do not, it’s important you approach your new situation correctly.  Throughout the years, we have built an incredible personal injury team who share a common interest in helping people .  Email us at with any  questions you may have and we will provide you with free legal advice. We understand, we care and we’re here to help..and our track record proves it.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer : Ottawa pedestrian accident King Edward and Daly results in head injury and shoulder injury.

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth. An Ottawa accident has left a woman in an Ottawa  hospital yesterday afternoon after she was hit by a car on King Edward street, close to Daly. The driver immediately tried to help the pedestrian. She was rushed to a nearby Ottawa hospital and treated for a head injury and shoulder injury. I wish her a full recovery.

This is a very busy intersection in Ottawa and not the first accident we have reported on at this location. This is also a high pedestrian traffic area.  It’s obvious as to why but a high percentage of pedestrian accidents result in serious long-term injuries, catastrophic injuries and sometimes wrongful death. Most pedestrians are unaware of the accidents benefits they are entitled should they be injured in an accident. Accident Benefits that a pedestrian may be entitled to are income replacement benefits, attendant care benefits, non-earner benefits, caregiver benefits, visitors’ expenses, medical and rehabilitation benefits that are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), as well as  housekeeping and home maintenance benefits

Because many pedestrians don’t own vehicles, they  are unaware of all the accident benefits that are available to themselves and possibly their family members. Along with an accident benefits claim, pedestrians can also commence a tort claim against the driver who hit them. In Ontario, pedestrians can file both lawsuits at the same time.

Accident Benefits Claims for pedestrian accidents

Many pedestrians are unaware of their rights when it comes to insurance and accident claims. If a pedestrian has their own insurance, they can file for accident benefits through their own insurance company. If a pedestrian does not have their own insurance, pedestrians can claim compensation from the automobile insurance company of the driver that hit them. If it is discovered that the driver does not have insurance, an injured pedestrian can make a claim through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVAC) Fund.

Pedestrian Accidents and Suing the at-Fault driver

Pedestrians can also sue the at-fault driver for compensation and must notify the insurance company of the driver within 120 days from date of accident and the lawsuit must be filed within two years of the accident.

Experienced personal injury lawyer can help walk through all the options you have after a pedestrian accident.


Ice blamed for Ottawa pedestrian accident resulting in severe head injury and a fractured ankle. Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth shares news.

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident

A strange twist of events led to a terrible Ottawa accident that left a woman  trapped under a van for close to 45 minutes this morning at 7:30 am. The Ottawa accident occurred at Woodroffe and Knoxdale roads. The 48 year old pedestrian became trapped after she slipped on ice at the entrance to a parking lot. A vehicle that was passing  hit the woman while turning right into the parking lot. Ottawa rescue crews needed to free the woman who was trapped under the vehicle. Ottawa Police reported that the driver had been looking in another direction and didn’t see the woman until it was too late. As soon as he noticed her, he tried to stop but it was too late and he too slid on the ice. The pedestrian suffered a fractured ankle and a serious head injury . She was rushed to the Civic Hospital in serious but thankfully stable condition. My thoughts are with her and her family and I wish her a full recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents and Insurance

Unfortunately most pedestrian accidents result in serious personal injuries.  Pedestrian accidents are also  some of the most confusing for people who don’t have insurance because they aren’t sure where to start or how to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. That’s where our experienced personal injury lawyers come in . Our lawyers ensure that our clients are getting all the supports, this means appointments with specialists, filling out complicated insurance forms, setting up assessments and making sure that our clients receive maximum compensation.  Most pedestrians accidents involved suing the insurance company of the driver who hit the pedestrian. Our lawyers are here to explain the entire process by offering free consultations and can travel to you. Let us help.

Vanier pedestrian accident Beechwood results in serious leg injuries.

Vanier Pedestrian Accident

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth.

Sadly, a 54 year old woman is in serious condition after an Ottawa accident in Vanier on Tuesday morning. Ottawa Paramedics responded to the accident scene on Marier Avenue, close to Beechwood Avenue. The accident victim was on foot and was trapped under the vehicle. She suffered serious personal injury to her legs. I wish her a full recovery.

Because pedestrians are not protected by a strong frame such as a vehicle or the safety of a seat belt, most pedestrian accidents result in serious injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, spinal injuries and sometimes death. Often times , the injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident result in permanent catastrophic injuries, and are life-altering, for not only the person injured, but their family as well.

Compensation for pedestrian accidents

In most cases, pedestrians are entitled to compensation through the driver’s accident benefits insurance company. These benefits typically include are , rehabilitation expenses, medical expenses, treatments and compensation for pain and suffering.

Experienced accident lawyers know how to help.   You need to focus on your healing and leave the rest to our personal injury lawyers. We can start by commencing an action on your behalf by notifying the insurance company of your intention to make a personal injury claim.  We will then order the police reports, required reports  and accident benefit forms, fill them out and submit your OCF forms within the prescribed timelines. It’s our job to help you in every way we can so you can focus on healing. We will ensure you are being treated fairly by the insurance company and that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and are able to rebuild your life comfortably after your accident.



3 pedestrians rushed to Ottawa hospitals after Nepean Centrepointe drive and

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

A terrible Ottawa pedestrian accident has left 3 people with serious personal injuries.  Sadly, a man and woman in their 60s, an  infant child have been rushed to  Ottawa hospitals after being hit by a pick up truck making a left hand turn at Centrepointe drive and Tallwood. Early reports indicate that the woman may have suffered serious, life threatening head injuries.  It appears that both pedestrian were severely injured on impact and that the infant , who was in a stroller at the time of the Nepean accident was cared for by passerbys. The  69-year-old woman was being treated for life-threatening head injuries; while the  68-year-old man was being treated for injuries to his arms and abdomen. Thankfully, the infant is in stable condition at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. I hope to soon be able to report much better news for this family. My thoughts are with them and their recovery at this time.

Ottawa Child Injury Lawyer

No one wants to hear of a child being injured. As parents ourselves, our personal injury lawyers understand the stress and emotions people go through when their child is suffering.  There is nothing a parent wants more than to have their child not suffer.  We understand this.  Our lawyers meet regularly with families who have a child in the hospital and don’ know how they can help.  Other than being by their side and being there for them, there is nothing better a better can do.  Our lawyers want our clients to be doing this while we put the supports in place and work with the child’s rehabilitative team.  It’s important that we become part of the team because we can inform social workers, doctors, therapist etc. of the benefits that we can obtain for an injured child and their family. Experienced child personal injury lawyers can also have supports at home, while a child is in the hospital, as we know that it’s not just the child who is suffering. Our personal injury lawyers understand what families are going through and we know what to do to help. Let us help.

Ottawa pedestrian accident Vanier Parkway and Coventry results in head injury, shoulder injury and leg injury.

Pedestrian Accident in Vanier

Regrettably,  an Ottawa pedestrian was struck by a car late yesterday afternoon on the Vanier Parkway, close to Coventry. A 56 year old man suffered serious personal injuries including a head injury, shoulder injury and leg injury and was rushed to Ottawa’s trauma centre where he remains in serious but thankfully stable condition. I wish him a full recovery and hope his injuries are not life-altering. Ottawa Police are investigating the Ottawa accident.

Many pedestrian accidents result in serious head injuries among other things. These injuries tend to require a lot of support and a lot of compensation. Thankfully there are many valuable resources available for people in the Ottawa area who have suffered a brain injury.

Brain Injury Resources in Ottawa

The Brain Injury Association of Ottawa Valley

The Brain Injury Association of Canada

The Ottawa Hospital Aquired Brain Injury Program

The Vista Centre

Pathways to Independence

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Ottawa-Carleton Rehabilitation

These are just some of the Ottawa brain injury resources available and there are many more. Living with a brain injury is not easy.  Our personal injury lawyers understand how difficult life can be with a brain injury for not only the person with the injury but also their family and friends.

We have others and we can help you.


Ottawa personal injury lawyer supporting Ontario pedestrian accident study.

As an Ottawa accident lawyer and Ontario personal injury lawyer, I am very pleased with the recent announcement that a new study into pedestrian deaths will be done by the Ontario Coroner’s Office. The Ontario pedestrian study is calling for Ontario residents to offer personal insight into pedestrian deaths.  This brings relief to not only myself, but many families and friends who have lost a loved one in an Ontario pedestrain accident or whose loved ones have suffered serious injury such as a brain injury, spinal cord injury or broken bones. The study will hopefully reveal what many already know…we need to make our pathways safer. Some are calling for more protected, better marked pedestrian walkways on busy roadways. The Ottawa Police are also anticipating the study will help identify trends and predictors to the fatal Ottawa collisions.

Sadly, to date in 2011, 7 Ottawa pedestrians were killed in Ottawa accidents, the same number as in all of 2010. This is tragic! Not to mention that many other pedestrian accidents result in serious personal injury. The Ottawa pedestrain accident statistics are very disturbing. In 2010  there were 390 pedestrians who suffered serious personal injury in Ottawa accidents. The goal of the coroner’s probe is to identify common factors in the wrongful deaths and to make recommendations to avoid future pedestrian accidents in Ontario. The study aims to look at accident trends across Ontario, education needs, enforcement needs , engineering through cities and municipalities.  The Ontario coroner’s office review will focus on deaths from 2010, with the report scheduled for release in spring 2012. In my opinion, as an Ottawa accident lawyer, this report can’t come soon enough !

The following are some statistics that relate to Ottawa pedestrain accidents:

2006 – 389, 2007 – 372, 2008 – 380, 2009 – 385, 2010 – 390

I know it goes without saying.  Some accidents are out of our control. Please be extra cautious when walking on busy streets.  Keep your head up, eyes open, but your phone away and focus on your surroundings.  It may very well save a life.

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