Another reduction in accident benefits for Ontario drivers.

Why are Ontario drivers not purchasing additional accident benefits?

In January of  2011, FSCO: Financial Services Commission of Ontario lead a study and surveyed the people of Ontario, in particular,  the largest automobile insurance insurers in Ontario.  The survey looked at  24 large insurance companies that help close the 3/4 of the Ontario insurance market.  Sadly the results from the survey indicated that  most people are not purchasing the extra additional accident benefits avail ale to them. In fact, most drivers were unaware of the optional benefits. As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I find this very disturbing.  It seems that insurance benefits available to drivers are continuing to be reduced year after year, yet premiums are remaining the same.

As of February 1, 2014, more disturbing reductions in accident benefits came into play. The newest reductions affect attendant care, pre-existing conditions under MIG (the Minor Injury Guideline)  and the election of benefits.  Unfortunately these changes do not favour Ontario drivers, as they are significant reductions.

Of particular note is the reduction in attendant care. The new attendant care provisions reverse the law as established by the Court of Appeal in Henry v. Gore.  What this case established was the amount of “economic loss” is a threshold requirement for payment of an attendant care benefit.   Essentially why this case was so important was because it addressed that is an attendant care provider was not acting in the course of his or her ordinary employment, then the amount of benefit payable to them was not to exceed the amount of monies they would have earned in their regular employment.   This amendment  can leave families in a difficult position as they may not be able to afford to care for their own family members. In other words, if your income is lower than the benefit  pay out, you will only get paid what you would have otherwise made at your regular job.  So for example, if you are a stay-at-home parent and do not have an income, you will receive nothing for attendant care benefits . This forces many families in a situation of not being able to  afford to care for their loved ones with injuries and professional providers will need to be hired.

Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth appeared on CTV news this week and discussed these changes and the implications of the changes for Ontario drivers and their families. In case you missed it, please visit the CTV news at noon website and watch the video.

If you have any questions that relate to the amendments in Ontario insurance, personal injury, or accidents, please fell free to contact us and we would be happy to help.


Cold Ottawa weather partly to blame for increase in Ottawa accidents.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth…It’s not getting any warmer out there Ottawa. The temperatures have dropped yet again and it looks like there is another very cold snap settling into our city. With this cold weather comes, icy roads and Ottawa accidents. This cold winter weather is one of the causes  for hundreds of Ottawa accidents yesterday, including a multiple vehicle accident on Hwy. 417

What does this mean for you?  Well the truth is as we all know, accidents happen.  The only thing you can do is try as much as possible to prevent them from happening by slowing down, making sure your winter tires are in good shape and being extra attentive while driving in difficult conditions.  You can only control your own driving and hopefully those drivers around you do the same.  Yes, the commutes have been messy and unfortunately there seem to be more messy commutes in the days that lie ahead, as temperatures in Ottawa continue to drop. Let’s hope this extreme Ottawa weather causes people to stop and think for a minute about their driving choices.

Slow down, drive safely and arrive alive.


We are more than just Ottawa personal injury lawyers with free consultations.

Free consultation lawyers are here for you.

As a Ottawa personal injury lawyer I often meet with people and they are suffering. Not only are they suffering physically from their accident and injuries; they are suffering financially. Often times, they have been unable to work because of their accident or have only been able to return to work part-time. One of the biggest stresses that people have is that they won’t be able to return to a quality of life they once had.  Another big stress is that they can’t afford to fight the insurance company and their insurance company isn’t giving them all the compensation they are entitled to.  These are very common, yet stressful concerns.

We are Ottawa personal injury lawyers who understand that these are some of the toughest days of your life.  We are here for you. We fund your personal injury case and will cover the costs for you. We also don’t need you to pay us until we settled your case and you get the compensation that you are entitled. Hopefully, we can alleviate the financial stress for you throughout your case so that you can focus on getting better and getting your life back.

You shouldn’t have to worry or stress about money. Being stressed also affects your mood and how well you might heal.  You need to leave that stress with us.  This is what we do.  We can come and meet with you and your family and walk you through how we can help change your life following an accident in Ontario. We not only offer FREE consultations, we will work for you for FREE and we will only get paid when you get paid.  How much do we charge?  We will meet and agree upon a % of your settlement , depending on the severity and amount of work that needs to be done.  You will find that we are quite reasonable in our fees and we are not greedy like some other personal injury lawyers can be. We are fair and we pride ourselves on being the Ottawa personal injury lawyers people know, trust and like.

You owe it to yourself to meet with us and we can lay out your best options.


Ottawa injury lawyers help 74 year old man after US bicycle accident.

US Accident?

Ottawa injury lawyers were thrilled to be able to help a 74 year old client last month. He was riding a bicycle in the United States  and was hit by a car.  Thankfully he was ok but he did suffer a fractured pelvis and a left tibia fracture. We were able to help him and negotiated on his behalf with the insurance company.  We were able to get him support and compensation as well as $107 500.00 for what he had been through. Our client was so thankful and we were happy to help.

Accidents that take place in another country can still receive compensation.  Many people are unaware that an Ontario personal injury lawyer can pursue a claim on their behalf. While accidents in other countries sometimes complicate a claim, experienced personal injuries lawyers know exactly what to do.

This is just one of many cases we were able to settle last month.  We have built such an incredible team of injury lawyers, paralegals and personal injury specialists that we are able to help hundreds of personal injury clients each year.  We have over 20 years of experience in Ontario personal injury law.We are fortunate that we are the ones who provide “good news” after a terrible and tragic event. Our clients have all been so wonderful and appreciative along the way.  We really do understand and care.  It’s our job as Ottawa personal injury lawyers to help make things better and we do.  If you want to ask us ANY question that relates to personal injury, Ontario insurance, Ontario accident benefits or accidents in general, we are here for you.  Email me

David Hollingsworth, Personal Injury Lawyers in Ottawa -We understand, we care and we are always here to help ..

Ottawa pedestrian accidents results in head injury, leg injury and abdomen injury.

Ottawa Accidents and Pedestrian Accidents

Two Ottawa accidents have left a 30-year-old man in serious condition after he was struck by a truck on Heron at Finn . He had been walking on the sidewalk when he was hit and was trapped under a  hydro pole. He suffered personal injuries to his legs and abdomen and remains in serious condition at the Ottawa Hospital Trauma Centre.

In a separate Ottawa accident, another man in his 80s remains in serious, but stable condition after he was hit by a car on Baseline road, close to Clyde. He was rushed to an Ottawa Hospital and was being treated for a severe head injury.

I hope both of these men are able to recover fully from these terrible accidents. My thoughts are with them,  their families and friends.

Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth.  David Hollingsworth has been an Ottawa Ontario injury lawyer since 1999 and has been building a team of dedicated  injury lawyers. Our blog talks about eastern Ontario accidents such as Ottawa area accidents, personal injury, safety,  insurance in Ontario,  and events or news that relate to Ottawa .  For more information, visit

Ice blamed for Ottawa pedestrian accident resulting in severe head injury and a fractured ankle. Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth shares news.

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident

A strange twist of events led to a terrible Ottawa accident that left a woman  trapped under a van for close to 45 minutes this morning at 7:30 am. The Ottawa accident occurred at Woodroffe and Knoxdale roads. The 48 year old pedestrian became trapped after she slipped on ice at the entrance to a parking lot. A vehicle that was passing  hit the woman while turning right into the parking lot. Ottawa rescue crews needed to free the woman who was trapped under the vehicle. Ottawa Police reported that the driver had been looking in another direction and didn’t see the woman until it was too late. As soon as he noticed her, he tried to stop but it was too late and he too slid on the ice. The pedestrian suffered a fractured ankle and a serious head injury . She was rushed to the Civic Hospital in serious but thankfully stable condition. My thoughts are with her and her family and I wish her a full recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents and Insurance

Unfortunately most pedestrian accidents result in serious personal injuries.  Pedestrian accidents are also  some of the most confusing for people who don’t have insurance because they aren’t sure where to start or how to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. That’s where our experienced personal injury lawyers come in . Our lawyers ensure that our clients are getting all the supports, this means appointments with specialists, filling out complicated insurance forms, setting up assessments and making sure that our clients receive maximum compensation.  Most pedestrians accidents involved suing the insurance company of the driver who hit the pedestrian. Our lawyers are here to explain the entire process by offering free consultations and can travel to you. Let us help.

Barrhaven accident Greenbank Road results in tragic death of Rocco D’Angelo.

Accident in Barrhaven

Accident L awyer David Hollingsworth…

Tragically,  46 year old Rocco D’Angelo has died in an Ottawa hospital last night, just hours after he was hit in Barrhaven. The deceased was crossing the road at Greenbank Road, close to Barnsdale Road when he was tragically hit  by another vehicle just before 1 pm in the afternoon. At the Barrhaven accident scene, the man was unconscious with unstable vital signs when Ottawa paramedics arrived. He was immediately treated for a serious head injury but sadly, after being transported to the hospital, he died from his injuries. My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very difficult and sad time.

With all of the development occurring in Barrhaven, the number of families and businesses moving in is on the rise. With more cars and more people in Barrhaven, the number of Barrhaven accidents is also likely to rise. While the street planners have designed the area to be as safe as possible, there will always be accidents.

Wrongful Death Insurance Claims

Our personal injury lawyers meet regularly with families who have been involved in a Barrhaven accident and who need advice. We offer free consultations that related to insurance claims for personal injury and the loss of loved ones in an accident.

Losing a loved one in an accident is tragic. We understand how families need time to grieve and come together to support one another through some incredibly tough times. Our lawyers can help set up funds so that you are able to send off a loved one and not be worried about finances.  We also have a checklist prepared to help organised all required documents needed when a loved one is lost. There may also be other insurance compensations beyond a funeral expense such as expenses incured by visiting families members etc…These are all details that people who are grieving do not need to think about. Our personal injury lawyers Ottawa can do this for you.

You have been through enough. We can’t bring back a loved one; however we can help you.

Smith Falls Accident Highway 15 results in death of Ann Himmelman. Ottawa Lawyer David Hollingsworth shares story.

Smith Falls Accident

Tragically, Ann Himmelman has died following a terrible accident with a tractor-trailer on Highway 15 , close to Smiths Falls last Friday sometime between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. Ontario Provincial Police arrived to the accident close to Otter Lake Road, just  south of Lombardy, Ontario. The tractor-trailer caught fire after the accident due to its flammable content at the time of the accident. My thoughts go out to the friends and family of Ann Himmelman at this very sad time.

Losing a loved one in an accident is devastating.  Our personal injury lawyers meet regularly with grieving families not because they want “to sue someone” but because they need support and compensation to either send off a loved one, or to pick up the pieces after a loved one has left.  In the case of an accident where someone dies, there are insurance accident benefits that have been put in place that support the family left behind when it comes to funeral expenses, lost wages, and other related expenses.  We understand that after losing a loved one, the last thing on your mind is paper work and what to do in a wrongful death lawsuit. We know this and that’s why we make ourselves available to our clients to take over and assist where we are needed.  Often times our clients want to handle the entire thing over to our lawyers so that they can focus on grieving and healing.  We understand and we can take over .

Supports available in wrongful death accidents

We want to make sure that our clients receive all the supports; whether that be medical, rehabilitative, counselling, therapy etc . as well as financial compensation to send off loved ones. In most cases, we travel throughout Ontario to our clients home and meet with them to give free legal advice and help them decide whether or not they want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit based on out analysis of the facts surrounding the accident.

Our personal injury lawyers have helped thousands of other through some very tough times and we can help you.


Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers who offer free consultations…

Ottawa lawyers free consultations

You may have a small case and are thinking of handling it on your own and just need some basic information on how to deal with an insurance company.  A free consultation from an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer may be all you need.  Most experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyers offer a free consultaitons are are glad to help. They may even have formsavailable that you need instead of you going out and searching for them. The top Ottawa personal injury lawyers can also let you know if you have a case and what you might expect as a settlement from your insurnace company, so that you have an idea of what to expect when dealing with them.

Personal Injury Lawyer Ottawa

If  you suffered a more serious personal injury, it is always best for you to meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer before you decide which Ottawa personal injury lawyer you want to work with. Keep in mind that the next several months or years may be very challenging and you need to know that you can relate, approach and work well with your Ottawa personal injury lawyer.  As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I usually like to meet with new clients at the location of their choice, so I know they are comfortable.  I usually listen and gather the facts and then let them know what Ican do for them.  I often suggest they take sometime to think about their decision and then contact me when they are ready. I truly feel that this is the best approach for everyone involved. Throughout the process, I often also meet with accident victims family members.  These meetings are so important and valuable for everyone.

No matter what the severity of your personal injury, it is always best to consult with an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer before negotiating with your insurance company.  After all, it’s free to ask questions ! As one of the best Ottawa personal injury lawyers, I am pleased to offer free consultations. I offer my services in English or French and am happy to travel to meet you throughout Ontario.


Ontario cyclists and accident benefits insurance compensation. You may be entitled !

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Did you know that as a cyclists you are entitled to Ontario accident benefits coverage ?

Your own auto insurance, may cover your physiotherapy, your income loss, pain and suffering, attendant care, rehabilitation or any other costs associated with your injuries as the result of a cycling accident. If you don’t have car insurance, the driver ‘s car insurance can also cover your costs. If a child suffers an injury while cycling, your vehicle insurance will cover the associated costs for recovery . Regardless of who is at fault, cyclists are covered.

Are there timelines to adhere to when it comes to cycling accidents ?

Yes, within 120 days of the cycling accident, you need to give notice to the driver’s insurance and your insurance company if you have one.  Your personal injury lawyer can do this for you. Then, a standard claim must be started withintwo years of the date of the accident.  There are exceptions to these timelines.  If you are unclear as to whether or not your timelines are up or not, contact an Ontario personal injury lawyer and they can answer that question for you.  If you are close to the limitation period, it is best to consult immediately with an Ontario personal injury lawyer, as it may take a little time to get the paperwork in to begin the claim.

Even if you have spoken with your insurance company, that does not constitute a claim being started.  Be careful that you do not miss the limitation period while discussing matters with your insurance company. If you aren’t sure of whether or not you will start a claim, it’s always best to get a free consultation for an Ontario personal injury lawyer and see what they have to say. After all, this is what they see day in, day out and they will be able to immediately point you in the right direction.

Will you need to go to court for a bicycle accident in Ottawa ?

In most cases, you will not go to court.  In most cases, your Ontario personal injury lawyer will negotiate a maximum settlement for you and deal directly with the insurance adjuster on your behalf.

How much will it cost to start a lawsuit for a cycling accident ?

In most cases , your Ontario personal injury lawyer will cover your costs as part of the claim. You will not have any out of pocket expenses .  Most Ontario personal injury lawyers will take your case on a contingency basis which means once and only when your case settles do you pay your personal injury lawyer and they will take an agreed upon percentage of your settlement.  This fee is discussed and you and your lawyer agree upon what that fee will be.