Ottawa injury lawyer supports Ottawa police aiming to reduce Ottawa accidents by targeting distracted Ottawa drivers. Ottawa Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth.. From April 17-19, 20 Ottawa Traffic Enforcement Team, monitored the intersection of Bank Street and Champlain Avenue and issued tickets to distracted Ottawa drivers.    The Ottawa Police officers monitored Ottawa traffic for a total of 81/2 hours over a period of 3 days.  In total, 240 tickets were issued: 97 for Operating a motor vehicle while using a hand-held communication device, 18 for seat belt infractions and 125 tickets for other Highway Traffic Act related offences.  The current fine for using a hand-held device while driving is $155. 

I’m surprised to see so many fines .  It is so obvious that driving and talking on the phone is not worth the risk.  There are so many wireless devices on the market that allow one to talk on the phone while driving; there really are no excuses. Please do not distract yourself. Answer the call later, pull over or invest on a Bluetooth.  Drive safely out there !                                                                                              -Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

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