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Thanks for sending in all your wonderful questions for my show on CTV News at noon with Leanne Cusack last Friday. We managed to get through all your questions. In case you missed it, we discussed a short segment on social host liability and the differences between liability on public and private property. The episode is currently available on CTV news at noon’s website and I will post it soon on our YouTube Channel.

Here are the questions that were covered in this segment:

1. We are planning on having a Christmas party at our house and am wondering what my responsibilities are in terms of my guests ?

2. My neighbour is having snow removal done and they always pile it on my property. What can I do to stop this?

3. I was badly injured in an accident a year ago and I got a ticket.  Is there any way for me to get compensation even thought I was considered “at-fault” ?

4 .I’ve been called for jury duty.  Do I have to go?

5. My son was at a bar and beaten up by a bouncer.  Who can we sue ?

6. My ex husband and I drafted wills together.  I have a new one but I don’t want to be responsible for anything under his will.  What should I do?

7. My mother is ill and my siblings and I have been talking and trying to figure out if we need a power of attorney for her. What is a power of attorney?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to all of your questions, but I will respond to each of you individually. Thanks for sending them and keep them coming. If you have a question, feel free to email and I will get back to you with free legal advise.

Ottawa injury lawyer David Hollingsworth explains which Ontario accident benefit forms (OCF forms) you need following an accident in Ontario.

Ottawa Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates.  If you have been in an accident in Ontario and are injured, you will most likely need to access your Ontario accident benefits. Ontario accident benefits are provided through your insurance company or the insurance company of other vehicle involved in the accident. You begin by first informing your own insurance company that you have been in an accident. They will then send you an Ontario Accident Benefits package.  By law your insurance company must provide you with these forms, and you have 30 days to complete the necessary accident benefit forms and return them to your insurance company. It is important you fill out these forms are properly filled out.  When a new client comes to us and we act for them as their Ottawa personal injury lawyer, we always recommend that we fill out the forms for them as often times they can be somewhat confusing and challenging if you have never filled them out before.  We have accident benefit specialists who can fill these form out for you in a comprehensive and detailed manner ensuring that there are no errors on your forms that could in turn delay your case. There are a number of Ontario accident benefit forms that need to be completed and depending on what your injuries are and the details of your accident, you may be required to fill out all of them. The primary forms that need to be filled out right away are:

Ontario Accident Benefit Forms:   OCF Forms

  1. OCF-1  : Application for Accident Benefits
    • This is the initial accident benefits form to be filled out when applying for accident benefits as a result of an accident . The OCF-1 form must be filled with your insurance company in order for your personal injury claim to commence.
  2. OCF-2 Employer’s Confirmation of Income
    • The OCF-2 form applies only to those who are claiming Income Replacement Benefits. The OCF-2 form is completed by you and your employer. There are instances where several OCF-2 forms need to be completed. For example if you have been employed by more than one employer in the previous 52 weeks, you may need to fill out an OCF-2 form for each of your previous employers within the previous 52 weeks.
  3. OCF-3 Disability Certificate
    • The OCF-3 form is to be completed mainly by your health practitioner. It needs to be as detailed as possible and describes the extent of your injuries as a result of the accident.
  4. OCF-5 Permission to Disclose Health Information
    • The OCF-5 forms allows for access to your medical records and any previous medical information that can help determine your  accident benefits eligibility.

You have been injured and you are suffering so its important that we get you help as quickly as possible. We are Ottawa personal injury lawyers who can help you by ensuring that you receive all the services you need as well as ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Our accident benefit specialists will help you sift through the accident benefits process and will complete all the necessary Ontario accident benefit forms properly and in a timely manner, so as not to delay your case. We understand that these are difficult times and we are here to help.   Our Ottawa injury lawyers can travel to you, your home or your hospital. All consultations are free.


What do you think are Ottawa’s worst roads ? CAA wants to know…

Most common roads for Ottawa accidents

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers got together and discussed some of the most common Ottawa accident roads that we see in our personal injury practice.  Interesting enough, Carling avenue was on our list.   May 1st is the official start date of CAA’s – Canadian Automobile Association’s yearly “Worst Roads in Ontario” initiative. This is CAA’s 10th year for the program which aims to promote taking  action on some of the most dangerous and older roads in Ontario.

Last year, Carling Avenue in Ottawa ranked in 7th place as one of Ontario’s worst roads and Riverside Drive was close to it.  So far this initiative is working and  90 %  of the roads that make the top 10 list have been fixed. CAA wants the Ontario government to use  revenue collected from gas taxes to improving road conditions, bridges and highways. Anyone is allowed to vote and you can vote up until the end of the month. Vote at Let’s do whatever it takes to make our Ottawa roads better and safer. Cast your vote !

We would love to hear what you think are Ottawa’s worst roads and why? Are they dangerously busy ? Do the roads have potholes? Are the traffic signs well placed and visible? Tell us why? When we get enough responses, our lawyers will collate the information and will post the results and maybe even send them in to the Ministry of Transportation.

After that, we can move on to Ottawa’s most dangerous intersections ! 

David Hollingsworth works with a team of personal injury lawyers , who focus their entire practice solely on accidents, insurance claims and personal injury law in Ontario. We immerse ourselves in the latest developments in Ontario personal injury law and the Ontario insurance regime; specifically accident benefits.  We spend our days meeting with people who have been involved in an Ottawa accident and need help. We would be happy to help you as well.