Please don’t shop until you drop! Avoiding a slip and fall injury.

Slip and Fall Injury in Shopping Malls

The parking lots are jammed, the line-ups are long and the potential for slip and fall injury is at its highest in city shopping malls. Your best defense against slip and fall hazards at this time of the year is to slow down and be aware of your surroundings.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Slips on Wet Floors 

Slushy snowy conditions outside create slip, trip and fall hazards indoors. People track all of the snow and slush inside making the potential for slipping on a wet floor very high, especially near entrances. To compensate, shop keepers are constantly mopping the floors, even while the stores are open, creating yet another hazard. Be aware of the condition of the floor and wear a flat sole shoe or boot when shopping.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Stairs and Escalators 

Stairs, escalators and elevators pose another mall hazard. Take your time and use the handrails. Don’t be afraid to stand to the side and allow others to pass if you need extra time. If possible, only use stairs or escalators that have step guards or paint indicating the edge to help you avoid tripping.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Poor Lighting 

It is dark outside this time of year and poor lighting inside often contributes to trip and fall accidents. Shop owners have a responsibility to maintain proper lighting and to ensure that shoppers can see all potential hazards.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Aisle Fixtures

Stores are brimming with merchandise and full to capacity at this time of the year. Retailers often stack items at the end of the aisles or in large bins without leaving a safe path for customers to navigate through with carts and bulky packages. Be aware of these hazards and take time to ensure that you and / or your cart can pass without catching on something and causing an accident.

Mats and Carpets – There is a lot of heavy foot traffic on mall mats and carpets around that malls at this time of year. Merchants are too busy to be concerned about their upkeep and repair.

Frayed edges, lifted tiles and wayward mats are easy to catch your foot on causing a trip and fall accident.

Every year at this time, we see too many clients whose holidays have been spoiled by injuries in shopping malls and stores. Be careful this holiday season, take your time and avoid slips, trips and falls.