Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth with tips to help avoid an Ontario snowmobile accident.

Snowmobile Accident

It s the time of year when many snowmobiling accidents occur.  Every year I help dozens of Ontario snowmobile accident victims who have been injured in snowmobile accidents and are not getting the insurance compensation they desperately need.  There are many dangers associated with outdoor winter activities and snowmobiling is no exception.  Many snowmobile accidents are unavoidable and simply happen.  There are however some things you can do to help minimize your chances of injuring yourself while snowmobiling.

Avoiding a snowmobile accident? It’s important to:

– follow all driving laws; especially the speed limit.

-know where you are going.

-tell others where you are going

-stay off ice that may be dangerous

-obey the speed limits

-do not drink and ride

-ride in a group or use buddy system

-know your vehicle

-ride with a toolkit and first aid safety box

-ride with proper clothing, helmet and equipment

-be aware and obey all trail signs

-if you fall through ice, do not panic. Crawl out of the ice and roll to safety.  Do not stand up until you are clearly on thick ice.

Most of all you common sense and be on high alert.  Snowmobiling is a great, fun outdoor past time. Enjoy it safely and responsibly because a snowmobile accident can happen in an instant.



Snowmobile accident? Ottawa lawyer explains accident benefits…

Ottawa personal injury attorneys discuss snowmobile accidents and what you need to know.

Snowmobile accidents on Ontario

It seems as of late that there are in incredible number of snowmobile accidents in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario areas. These snowmobile accidents are often resulting in death and serious injury. The area police and our  Ottawa personal injury lawyers have been following  these snowmobile accidents. “While snowmobiling is fun and exciting, it can also be dangerous and accidents can result in death or serious injury. Sadly, suffering a personal injury or losing a loved one to a snowmobile accident is not an uncommon winter accident in Ontario,” David Hollingsworth, an Ottawa Ontario personal injury attorney.

Did you know that approximately 13,400 people end up in hospital emergency rooms throughout Ontario for snowmobile related personal injury each year?  Of those, sadly, about 110 people die from snowmobile accidents. These accidents can be avoided.

You may have questions regarding your snowmobile accident

You may not be aware that a personal injury lawyer can help you with your snowmobile accident.

For the past 12 years, the Ottawa Ontario personal injury attorneys, car accidents, slip and falls, brain injury, spinal cord injury, broken bones, attorneys at Goldberg Stroud LLP have represented all types of personal injury accident cases in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. David Hollingsworth has a very high success rate in fighting for justice and achieving  settlements for his clients. If you have suffer a personal injury or lost a loved one due to a snowmobile accident, you may be entitled to Accident Benefits from your automobile insurance. David helps Ontario accident victims who have been in a snowmobile accident get compensation they need to help them focus on their recovery. Call David Hollingsworth 613 978-9549 or visit for more information. David offers free consultations and you do not pay until you get paid. !