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Barrhaven accident Greenbank Road results in tragic death of Rocco D’Angelo.

Accident in Barrhaven

Accident L awyer David Hollingsworth…

Tragically,  46 year old Rocco D’Angelo has died in an Ottawa hospital last night, just hours after he was hit in Barrhaven. The deceased was crossing the road at Greenbank Road, close to Barnsdale Road when he was tragically hit  by another vehicle just before 1 pm in the afternoon. At the Barrhaven accident scene, the man was unconscious with unstable vital signs when Ottawa paramedics arrived. He was immediately treated for a serious head injury but sadly, after being transported to the hospital, he died from his injuries. My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very difficult and sad time.

With all of the development occurring in Barrhaven, the number of families and businesses moving in is on the rise. With more cars and more people in Barrhaven, the number of Barrhaven accidents is also likely to rise. While the street planners have designed the area to be as safe as possible, there will always be accidents.

Wrongful Death Insurance Claims

Our personal injury lawyers meet regularly with families who have been involved in a Barrhaven accident and who need advice. We offer free consultations that related to insurance claims for personal injury and the loss of loved ones in an accident.

Losing a loved one in an accident is tragic. We understand how families need time to grieve and come together to support one another through some incredibly tough times. Our lawyers can help set up funds so that you are able to send off a loved one and not be worried about finances.  We also have a checklist prepared to help organised all required documents needed when a loved one is lost. There may also be other insurance compensations beyond a funeral expense such as expenses incured by visiting families members etc…These are all details that people who are grieving do not need to think about. Our personal injury lawyers Ottawa can do this for you.

You have been through enough. We can’t bring back a loved one; however we can help you.

“ Thanks again! Your support is greatly appreciated. I went back on your website and it's true that your firm does understand, care and are there to help. Thanks, I really mean it.”

RL, Ottawa Ontario