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Perth accident Highway 7 results in death and personal injuries.

Lanark Accident

Sadly, a Perth , Lanark area woman died after her van was struck pulling out of a driveway on Highway 7 yesterday.  Lanark police reported that the terrible accident happened at around 4:30 p.m. Lanark police reported that a pickup truck was westbound on Highway 7, close to Gamles Side Road,  just 10 km west of Perth, when it collided with a van that was coming from a driveway. The driver of the van, an 80 year old woman from the Perth sadly died at the accident scene. The driver of the truck , a 49-year-old man from Oakville Ontario, was thankfully uninjured in the Lanark accident; however, 2 of his passengers were: a 48 year old woman and a young teenage girl. Both injured passengers were rushed to the Perth Hospital by ambulance with personal injuries. Two other girls were in the truck but thankfully were uninjured. Ontario Police are investigating the accident.  My thoughts go out to the 2 injured victims and the friends and family of the deceased 80 year old woman…

Accident Lawyer Lanark, Ontario…

Losing a loved one in an accident is devastating.  A sudden loss leaves you wondering where to start and what to do without a loved one.  There are many immediate expenses that pop up and need to be covered.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are here to help. We travel daily throughout eastern Ontario to meet with families who need some help either accessing funds to cover medical treatments or who need funds to cover funeral expenses and other expenses related to losing a loved one. We understand that families are mourning and are not usually in the right head space to be filing paperwork and negotiating with insurance companies.  We can help by relieving families of some of these stresses and allow them to focus on bonding with their friends and family and sending loved ones off in a proper manner.

Accident Benefits Compensation for Wrongful Death

Most insurance policies in Ontario have accident benefits for wrongful death.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers can walk you through the benefits and compensation available. Losing a loved one is difficult,  we understand and we can help.




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