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Tragic VIA rail train and OC Transpo bus accident Woodroffe and Fallowfield leaves several deaths and multiple severe injuries.

It is still to early to make sense of what may have happened.  All we know is that a deadly accident took place this morning.  A terrible accident this morning between a Via Rail train and an OC Transpo bus has left several people dead and many injured . The tragic accident occurred this morning in Ottawa’s west end. The OC Transpo bus was crushed on impact and the entire front end of the bus was ripped off upon impact.  The OC Transpo bus was travelling north on the Transitway and Via Train 51 en route to Toronto was heading west when the collision occurred. Ottawa Firefighters say the crash happened at 8:48 a.m

CTV news reported that 31 accident victims were rushed to Ottawa-area hospitals, 11 people with critical injuries, including the Ottawa Hospital regional trauma centre, and the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Dr. Falconer of the Queensway-Carleton Hospital Chief of Staff was quoted on  CTV news website  that the accident victims have suffered mainly leg injuries and was quoted as saying “It’s definitely one of the worst events we’ve seen in this city or at this hospital”  “It’s overwhelming to imagine the suffering that’s going on.”

CTV news also interviewed several witnesses who were on the trains and bus at the time of the accident.  Many reported that they could not understand how this could have happened. Several people have been interviewed on various news sources.  Many reports were that passengers on the bus were screaming at the OC Transpo bus driver to stop as the guard rail was down, but it was too late.  It was reported that the bus crashed through the lowered barrier and smashed directly into the train. There are many speculations as to why this may have happened.  No one knows for sure at this point.  Passengers travelling on the VIA rail train reported to news sources that they felt a “bump” but had no idea as to the severity of the accident until they exited the train.

It was speculated that the VIA rail train hit the OC Transpo bus at the Woodroffe and Fallowfield intersection.  Ottawa rescue crews are currently at the accident scene .  More to come as reports come in.  What a terrible tragedy. My thoughts go out to everyone involved in this horrific accident….

update: The Ottawa Sun has reported that the Ottawa Fire Department has initially reported 5 deaths and multiple injuries.  CTV  news is reporting 6 deaths, including the OC Transpo bus driver .

update: Ottawa Police have now identified the victims of the crash as Michael Bleakney, 57, Connor Boyd, 21, Karen Krzyzewski, 53, Kyle Nash, 21, Rob More, 35, and Dave Woodard, 45.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to all these grieving families….

***information from CBC news, Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun, CTV News

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