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pedestrian accident

Our Ottawa injury lawyers understand, we care, we’re here to help... and our track record proves it.

Our Ottawa injury lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario.


Pedestrians accidents can be avoided and pedestrians have the right of way…

Ottawa and cities throughout Ontario are growing with busier traffic, more cars, electric scooters, and public transit vehicles and Ottawa pedestrians have more obstacles to face on our streets than ever. Whether you are hit by a car or in a hit and run accident, our Ottawa personal injury lawyers know that being injured as a pedestrian is a frustrating experience. Sadly, pedestrian accidents occur far too often. Accidents mainly occur when pedestrians cross the street at traffic lights or intersections. When cars, buses, or other vehicles collide, the injuries are often severe or catastrophic.  We help pedestrians who have been in an accident and are suffering from  serious injuries such as aches, pains, brain injury and spinal injuriesbroken bones, burns, scars, lacerations and other debilitating injuries.

Although in most lawsuits in Ontario, the onus is on the injured person to prove that their injury was caused by the wrongdoing of the party they are suing, in a pedestrian accident, where a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle there is a reverse onus, meaning that the driver must prove that he or she did nothing wrong! Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to protecting our clients.  We know how to gather and collect facts to ensure that our clients are properly compensated for their injuries.

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are here to help you get maximum compensation and the accident benefits compensation you need to recover from a pedestrian accident.

By consulting with experienced medical professionals, we’ll get a thorough diagnosis of your injuries, the long-term effects and what kind of ongoing medical care you’ll need to recover and live as comfortably as possible.

Pedestrian accidents involving automobiles or other vehicles are eligible to apply for Ontario Accident Benefits through your own insurance company or the insurance company of the driver. We make sure you receive all the accident benefits you need, as the cost of medical treatment and support can be very expensive. You may be entitled to income replacement, rehabilitation, housekeeping, and attendant care services. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers will help you secure these accident benefits and maximum compensation for your injury.


We are Ottawa personal injury lawyers who understand, who care, who are here to help… and our track record proves it.

 We can’t change the past but we are the personal injury lawyers Ottawa residents trust and can change your future.


If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, please contact us free of charge to discuss how we can help you get the compensation and care you need to enjoy a comfortable quality of life.

We will also travel to your home, hospital or wherever you are most comfortable meeting to discuss your options with you.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics (Stats Can — 1992-2001)

  • Pedestrian fatalities averaged 416 per year
  • Pedestrian injuries averaged 14,252 per year
  • Men represented 61% of pedestrian fatalities, women 39%
  • Seniors accounted for 66% of pedestrian fatalities
  • 95% percent of pedestrian injuries occurred in urban areas

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