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Our Ottawa injury lawyers understand, we care, we’re here to help... and our track record proves it.

Our Ottawa injury lawyers will travel to your home, hospital, or rehabilitation centre throughout eastern Ontario.


A soft tissue injury is one of the most common injuries our lawyers see.

As Ottawa personal injury lawyers, we know virtually any accident can cause damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons. A soft tissue injury usually occurs from a straining, spraining, or blow causing pain, swelling, bruising and the loss of mobility. Tears, sprains, fibromyalgia and whiplash are the most prevalent soft tissue injuries, but chronic pain and fatigue are also related.


Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers know that although your soft tissue injury may be common, your situation is unique.

We understand that just because tears and sprains are routine, it doesn’t mean you’re at fault or that the pain and disruption you’ve endured is lesser than that of other injuries. We want to see you get back to your normal lifestyle and we’re here to help you secure maximum benefits and compensation to do so.


How does a soft tissue injury occur?

It’s hard to predict when a soft tissue injury will occur: Driving to the store? Crossing the street? Cycling to work? Slipping and falling on the job? Our lawyers know virtually any activity can lead to a damaged muscle or ligament. The result is either a tear or sprain, causing victims to experience severe pain, swelling, bruising and loss of function in the damaged tissue. Often pain from a soft tissue injury can last for months, years or even a lifetime.


Tears are an over-stretching of muscle fibers or tendons.

Motor vehicle accidents, slips, falls, and workplace accidents are most responsible for this type of injury, while symptoms of a tear include localized pain, stiffness and bruising. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers understand tears often lead to an inability to return to work. That’s why we take these claims very seriously. We work with top medical professionals to ensure your tear or soft tissue injury is diagnosed properly and that the insurance company has a full understanding of the depth of your soft tissue injury. We fight for our clients and make sure they receive maximum compensation, ongoing rehabilitation, past and future employment income, as well many other related expenses.


Sprains are an over-extension of ligaments in the joint.

When a ligament is sprained, immobilization can occur and often surgery is needed to repair damage. Sprain symptoms include localized pain, swelling, bruising and decreased mobility, while the sprain type is divided into 3 degrees: torn ligament fibers; a partial ligament tear; and a complete ligament tear. If you’ve suffered ligament damage due to an accident or hazardous environment, our Ottawa personal injury lawyers want to know. We care that your sprain is properly diagnosed and that you receive the maximum compensation and rehabilitation you need to recover physically and financially.


Can our Ottawa personal injury lawyers help you?

If you’ve suffered a soft tissue injury, please contact us free of charge to discuss how we can help you get the compensation and care you need to enjoy a comfortable quality of life.


Some facts about soft tissue injury:

  • Nearly all Canadians suffer a strain or sprain at some point in their life
  • Wrist and ankle sprains are the most common soft tissue injuries
  • A sprain can be mild, moderate, or severe
  • Sports and lifting heavy objects are other common causes of tears and sprains 

 We are Ottawa personal injury lawyers who understand, who care, who are here to help… and our track record proves it.


“I have rarely met with a client who is receiving the full amount of benefits that he or she needs and that he or she is entitled to following an accident, without the help of a personal injury lawyer. If you are injured, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to get every benefit to which you are entitled, so that you can get back to being the person you were before the accident. That’s what insurance is for. Don’t sell yourself or your family short. Let us  help you" - Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth